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The Glass Castle Presentation

No description

Kasim Ishaq

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of The Glass Castle Presentation

By: Kasim Ishaq, Nick Rosso, and Bryan Nolan
Chapter 26 Summary
Literary Devices
Jeannette Walls-
sweet, thoughtful, and authentic.
Rex Walls-
alcoholic, selfish, unthoughtful, non-authentic, cheap, and bashful.
Rosemary Walls-
crazy, care-free, artistic, undependable, and optimistic.
mature and thoughtful.
imaginative and secluded.
Important Events
Brian and Jeannette

find various chocolates in a dumpster behind a warehouse.
Rosemary and her children
go to the gas station to buy a discounted Christmas tree for a dollar.
The family
goes to church on Christmas and Rex yells
Mary was a sweet jewish broad who got herself knocked up!
. This gets them kicked out of church.
uses a Zippo Lighter to burn down the Christmas tree while he is drunk.
Imagery- "
We were able to put the fire out, but only by knocking down the tree, smashing most of the ornaments and ruining all of our presents
Foreshadow- "'
Will we have to go to a juvenile delinquent center if we get busted?
I asked
Foreshadow- "
I have a really good feeling about this Christmas
Nick Rosso-
Scribe and Worksheet Producer (we used his house)
Kasim Ishaq-
Executive Producer, Director, and Jester
Bryan Nolan-
Second Scribe and Worksheet Director
Significant Quotes
This is God's way of telling us to take charge of our own fates. God helps those who help themselves
I just took a swig of booze
I told Brian.
It was the worst thing I've ever tasted in my life.
When we couldn't I told Mrs. Ellis my fourth grade teacher, that I had forgot my quarter, she said her records indicated that someone had already paid for me
In a Gas Station, Thrift Store
5 W's
The Walls Family
REX IS A JERK and ruins family Christmas
Christmas in Phoenix, Arizona
...Christmas...(unkown date)
Rosemary makes the family go to church while Rex is intoxicated.
Predictions and Reactions
Our Prediction
To steal in small quantities.
Wicked, base, or villainous
Soaked with liquid or moisture. Moist.
We predict that the parents will move the children to the east coast and the children will seek a wealthy life in NYC while the parents follow them.
Our prediction for the next chapters...

We think that they will move to a new miner town and they will start another weird chapter of their life, someone may die as well.
Thanks for watching and or listening or just putting your head down and not paying attention at all. Either way, thank you!
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