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Louis Braille

English II

Mallory Burrow

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Louis Braille

Outstanding Teenagers Multi-Media Project Louis Braille After reading through dozens of biographies of teens who have made a difference, I stumbled upon one about Louis Braille. He completely revolutionized the way that blind people read and write. Louis Braille became blind at the age of three. He was helping his father in his workshop, when he grabbed one of the tools, an awl. The tool slid into his eye, creating a wound, that later became infected. Continuing, during Louis Braille’s time people that were blind had to learn almost everything by ear. The only times that they didn’t learn by ear was when they were reading books for the blind, which were very hard to find. In addition to this, they contained raised letters, making them very difficult to read. This created the system of Braille writing, which made life for the visibly impaired remarkably easier. Louis was the one that took a system called “night writing” used by soldiers at the time and altered it. Common items with Braille for the visibly impaired: Braille watch Sign Book Menu Today Braille isn't just used in schools for the blind. It is also used in most public places, including restaurants, post offices, and banks. To End, Louis Braille changed the lives of millions. He created a system that makes it easy to read and write for people who are blind. Louis is definitely one of the most accomplished teenagers of all time. The End!
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