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Sylvia and Josie and emliy 's titanic

No description

Sylvia Carter

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Sylvia and Josie and emliy 's titanic

Titanic Titanic sinking It hit ice burg at 11:30 and sunk at 2:40 Facts 1. There was 2,223 people on the ship
2. 705 people survied and 1,517 died also 3 people died after being rescued
3. most of the world knows they called this ship the ship of dreams Titanic Titanic Here is a picture Thanks for watching the tragedy of the titanic By Josie, Sylvia and Emily The Grand Staircase The Grand Staircase is one of the highlights of the ship. Constructers used pictures (like this one) to build a replica of it. FACTS There were 2,227 people on the boat and 705 people survived. That means that 1,517 died during the crash.
Most people died of hypothermia,nomona or went down with the ship
The rescue ship is named The Carpathia
3 people died after being rescued by the Carpathia Millvina Dean Last Living survivor of The Titanic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LeGOVP6W0w&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active The Titanic was one of the biggest ships ever The Titanic By: Josie, Sylvia &Emily
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