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Women's Role During the 1920's

Women's Role During the 1920's

Tory Bettencourt

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Women's Role During the 1920's

Women during the 1920's Women in the 20's Before the 1920's... The 19th Amendment -Gave women the right to vote
-1848 women's suffrage movement broke out
-1920 19th amendment was passed
-Women started to demand better wages Domestic Values Women's Role During the War -Nurses
-Munitions factory workers
-Sewed bandages
-Sold war bonds
-Spies T

!! Works Cited Education Fashion Trends Lifestyle Changes -There was a long struggle for education
-Previously only accepted by private colleges or women's colleges
-Could attend same universities as men
-North Carolina State College enrolled first female student in 1921 -Most women were expected to only work inside the home
-Their domestic responsibility included: conserving food and fuel resources early in the war
-This changed during the age of the 20's where women started to become their own people -Bobbed Hair
-Bell Shaped Hatts/Fedoras
-Sequins, Flower Embellishments
-Brighter, Shorter Clothing
-Dropped Waistline
-Revealed Knees -Women began going out at night
-Night clubs, Dances
-Began to express themselves through clothing
-Changed Tradition
-New ways of dancing
-Were looking for ways to escape conventional lifestyles -Housewives
-Had little meaning in their lives During the 20's... -After the war, women began to realize there was more to life
-"New Woman"
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