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Leah Hohm

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Leah Hohm

What causes rainbows to form?
By Leah Hohm

The color of rainbows
Most people see sunlight as white. It is actually made up of several colors: Red, orange,yellow,green,blue, and violet. Each of these colors have a different wave length. When sunlight hits a raindrop, the drop acts as a prism and basically bends the sunlight in another direction reflecting the colors to form multiple bands with the colors of sunlight on them.

Each wave length in sunlight bends at a different angles so when the sunlight separates into different bands,the sunlight hits the raindrop, reflecting it back to the sun to form a circle. All rainbows are actually circles but because of the horizon, you are only able to see half of the full rainbow circle.
Why rainbows form when they do
For a rainbow to form, there had to be sunlight and millions of rain droplets, therefor it has to be rainy/wet and sunny. The closer to sunset or sunrise, the better. For a rainbow to form, the sun has to be at a 42 degree angle so when the sun is at a 90 degree angle (between 9 am and 6 pm) you shouldn't expect to see a rainbow.
What is a rainbow?
Thanks for watching!!
A rainbow is an arc of colored bands formed on the sky by reflection of sunlight drops of rain or mist or a arc formed in a spray of water.
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