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15 Things to Know About Me

No description

Justine Olson

on 11 April 2010

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Transcript of 15 Things to Know About Me

Double click anywhere & add an idea I love to read. Books Fantasy Romance Western Young Adult Angel Demon Witch Vampire 1. I am Creative I like to draw I like to color I like to paint I like to imagine 2. I love my friends Texting Talking Hanging Out Love Laugh Life 3. Brandee Stephanie Jennifer Chris Alicia Caitlin Natalie I love my family Mom Dad Justine Kayla Sheridan 4. I



l 5. I want to see the world I Love Rose's 6. I Love the color Blue 7. I Love Rainbows 8. I Love to watch TV Stargate Sg-1 Stargate Atlantis The Vampire Diaries Bones Merlin Buffy the vampire slayer Ghost Whisperer True Blood Gilmore Girls Angel Charmed NCIS Supernatural Life Unexpected Moonlight Blood Ties Xena: The Warrior Princess Dollhouse Farscape Degrassi Avatar: The last Airbender Naruto Roswell True Calling South of Nowhere V 9. 15 Things To Know About ME!!! 10. I Love to Watch Movies Avatar The Mummy Underworld A Walk To Remember The Fast and the Furious Hellboy Harry Potter Lake Placid Moulin Rouge Star Wars X Men Tarzan 11. I want to try new things Rock Climbing Jet Skiing Bungee Jumping Motorcross/Motorcycle Four Wheeling Snowmobiling Scupa Diving Sky Diving Hang Gliding Caving White Water Rafting 12. I Love Disney Movies Tarzan Little Mermaid Toy Story Shrek Snow White Cinderella Beauty and the Beast Dumbo Sleeping Beauty 101 Dalmations Lady and the Tramp Jungle Book Robin Hood Aladdin Pocahontas Hercules George of the Jungle Mighty Joe Young A Bug's Life Dinosaur Atlantis Peter Pan Lilo and Stitch Tuck Everlasting Brother Bear Treasure Planet Finding Nemo Mulan Tinker Bell 13. My Favorite Foods Sweet and Sour Chicken Cereal 14. Favorite Songs Chow Mein Sloppy Joes Crab Whopper Jr. Green Tea Ice Cream Meatloaf Steak Apples Banannas Oranges Grapes French Toast Chocolate Cold Cut Combo Strawberries Tacos Cake Scrambled Eggs Carrots Avacado Stir Fry Cookies Things I hate 15. Pink Garlic Bread Little Cars Spinach Don't Take the Girl Whiskey Lullabye Porcelian Heart Never Alone Love Story According To You My Immortal Stand in the Rain Hero Consider Me Gone I Hope You Dance The Impossible If I Were A Boy Do You Wanna Date My Avatar I Hate Everything About You Big Girls Don't Cry What I Cannot Change Stand My Ground That's Why God Made Me I Dare You To Move Butterfly Be My Baby Dirty Dancing
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