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Social Psychology

the way in which social psychology deals with deviance

Kelsey Allen

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Social Psychology

Social Psychology Motivation Careers Departure Why?
Howard Becker - steps of career
lot of work on starting career, which harks back to the motivation of getting into deviant behavior at all
there's also a big focus on how people leave the deviant behavior
there's a gap of information between starting and leaving the behavior

1. respectable/deviant
a. movement - position to position
i. vertical - up or down
ii. horizontal
b. expected to move
c. desired
*metaphor of multistoried building but deviant career shifts
lack order/structure - chaotic
1. learn for themselves
2. move up a ladder, but
can quickly drop
3. easily change within
*building metaphor no longer works....
most work is focused on social control
the rate at which somone who is caught and released, is often caught again
stereotype: deviants trapped in deviant behavior
we have terms that reflect this (i.e. alcoholic), and these terms/labels can trap individuals once they have been labeled that way
but this is a misconception...most deviants '
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