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Hi, I am Kati!

No description

Katalin Tusjak

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Hi, I am Kati!

Hi, I am Kati!
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a writer….
but then I got older and I decided to become a journalist so I studied journalism.

Just when I finished university I saw an advert of a company in Pesti Est which recruited casino staff to the United Kingdom and 2 months later I was in Manchester as a croupier.
...So I worked there in a casino for more than a year.

I have never seen playing Manchester United or Manchester City but I often visited the Trafford Center which is one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe :)
A year later I left for cruise ships and I worked in a mini casino on 6 star yacht.

I have been to Amalfi, Portofino, Portoferaio and I have been also in Monte Carlo which has become my favourite place in the world.

Monte Carlo has a really special atmosphere, it is one of the most harmonic places where I have ever been. As I was sitting on a bench the whole world just seemed to be perfect.
...When I finished my contract I returned to the UK and I moved to London. I started to work at Leicester Square in the Casino at the Empire. I started my customer service and poker dealer career in this glam casino.
I have spent 4 years (1461 days) in London.

I travelled a lot during this period and my family also visited me in the UK.

In 2011 I got homesick so I suddenly moved back to Hungary and started my career from the rock bottom.
First I worked as an English teacher in language schools, six months later I was offered a position at IBM on the Apple project as an Aftersales Support Representative. This was the place where I have learnt the most about high quality service and dealing with people who expect solutions for their issues and answers to their questions.
During the autumn of 2012 a recruitment agency called me as they found my CV in their database and they asked me whether I would be interested in a position in Sofia, Bulgaria. As I have never been to the east yet I have interviewed for the short-term Hungarian Technical Support Representative position and I moved to Sofia for 6 months.
When I came home in April I interviewed for Avaya and started as a Tier 1 agent at the end of May.

Me and my teammates have built up this project from the start and my first two months at Avaya was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. But we made it! :)

In the second month after the kick-off we have reached our targets as a team.

Even though the web is full of freeware softwares, people and companies are ready to pay for a high quality product that comes with a high quality service.
The last years of my career is about customer service and I seriously think that this area will get more and more important for companies in the future.
Nowadays people are not only buy products but when they pay for something they expect a package.
I enjoy living in Budapest and exploring the cool places in the VII. District. Moving home and starting a new life here was one of my best decisions. Since I came home I own a dog, Gizi, who is actually a movie star, she starred in Mundruczó Kornél’s new movie, A fehér Isten.
She lives in our family home at my parents’ house. In 2014 I would like get a dog for myself in Budapest and I want to be more serious about yoga and Buddhism.
Maybe I am not a writer today but I am a reader and a very happy person!
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