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Case IH

No description

Meg DeMario

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Case IH

Steiger 600 4WD Meg DeMario History - Jerome Case founded Case in 1842
- named Case and Company 1863
- merged with International Harvester in
1985 to become Case IH Case IH is a brand of CNH Global N.V. Mission Statement CNH Goal is to maximize customer's success by supplying innovative products and services all over the world. Case IH Goal is to manufacture agricultural equipment for producers all over the world and to work with the customers to meet their needs. Target Markets Primary Target Market:

Secondary Target Market:

Other possible Target Markets: Row Crop Farmers

Dairy Farmers

- Environmentally - Aware
- Farmers looking to replace
old equipment
- Farmers looking to upgrade Marketing Mix Product: Distribution: Price: Promotion: - Consumer and Business Product
- Specialty Product
- MRO Supply
- Highest max. hp at 670
- MultiControl Armrest
- SCR Technology
- AFS AccuGuide - Starting price of 432, 832.00
- inelastic demand
- nonprice competition - Channel A or B (consumer)
- Channel E of G (business)
- Local Dealerships
- Transported by Trucks and Railway - Create awareness and Retain Loyal
- Pull Policy
- All four elements of the promotional mix
- Advertising on The Weather Channel
- Farming Events
- News Releases
- CaseIHdeals.com online coupons Environmental Analysis Competitive Forces - over 100 tractor manufacturers worldwide
- 18 companies in the U.S.
- Multiple Row Crop Tractor Series
- Case IH Magnum, Maxxum, and Puma Series
- other tractors in Steiger Series Economic Forces: Rising fuel costs
Current Economy
Drought and income
Increased demand for products from growing population Political Forces: USDA
EPA and Tier 4 Emissions
SWOT Analysis Strengths: Most powerful and efficient, Most Fuel Efficient
Set industry records in Nebraska Tractor Test Lab
SCR Technology Weaknesses Price Opportunities: Use of SCR Technology
Efficiency and AFS AccuGuide helps farmers with feeding the growing population Threats: Larger society, less land
EPA emission standards
Drought Converting Weaknesses and Threats Justify high price by promoting key features and qualities
Keep up research and development
Show prospective customers how Steiger 600 4WD will help them achieve their goals
Promote Steiger 600 4WD as a future purchase Citations Case IH Agriculture. CNH Global N.V.. Web. 26 Nov. 2012.
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*pictures from Google Images
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