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Employee Referral Program

No description

Travis Guelig

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Employee Referral Program

Local Companies Employee Referral Program Agenda Current Process
Supporting Statistics
Background Research
Program Proposal
Benefits & Goals
Conclusion Currently... Lifetime
Payout But there are opportunities... Process
Eligibility Statistics 70% of companies have a formal ERP 30% industry average of hired referrals 82% ERP is #1 source of hire 54% More likely to turn into a hire 25% higher retention rate Background Research WeEnergies Johnson Controls Taleo Compensation/Payroll Legal Experiences Takeaways Best Practices Payouts Eligibility Referral Acceptance Currently: Non-Exempt: $300
Exempt: $500
Exceptions Too much? > $1,500 *stats from SHRM & ere.net *SHRM, ere.net, local companies, recruiters Currently payout after 30 days of successful employment Job-Specific Referrals What does our ERP need? My Proposal Technology Tracking Branding Creativity Support So... Technology Tracking Branding Creativity Support Same Goal
Same Opportunities
Same Technology range of responses to type of referrals
manual complexities take 2.5-3.5 hours each week
opportunities to increase efficiency Your first time using the system, you will have to create a new user. Moving forward, you can use the name you have created. First, supply your personal information Your referral's e-mail address Include comments about your referral enter your referral's personal information copy/paste the resume of your referral Your referral will receive an e-mail to complete the application, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Referral's name and this icon appear in the correct requisition An efficient and consistent process that leverages and utilizes the following key areas: What is an Employee Referral Program (ERP)? A recruiting method that leverages a company's current employees to identify potential candidates from their social networks What? Why? How? What? Why? How? Program Success Percent
of Hires Program Title Logo Alignment Identifiable Landing Page What makes a good referral? Purpose Statement Program Guidelines Title & Logos Referral Video How-To Guide Available Positions Referral Eligibility Job Search with the way we present our program the program to create knowledge and excitement for the process and for ease of use our hires to measure success for the program Payout options Management Board & Human Resources* All other Kohl's Associates Exempt: $500
Non-Exempt: $300 Charitable Option Exempt: $500
Non-Exempt: $300 Bonus or Charitable Option *includes recruiting team Communication & Collateral New Associate Orientation
Employee Referral Program Kickoff Event
Educational Tours
Referral booklets
Table tents
Quarterly Marketing Magazine - The Associate
Promotional Video From All Angles Top management Recruiters Associates Metrics New Hires Show our commitment Point Person Cultural Shift Service Level Agreements Quick Turnaround - Communication to referrer & referral within 24-48 hours; make interview decision shortly after
Precedence - Process referrals first to ensure a consistent and special experience for the referrer & referral Launch Program
Educational ERP Tours
Host Referral Days
Referral Eligibility
Work with Comp/Payroll & Accounts Payable
Market the program
Program Refresh
General Referrals Takes time to implement; time to become accustomed to Program Benefits automated user-friendly experience consistent efficient communication support options Goals & Conclusion Questions? Kohl's Recruiting Teams Key Business Partners Corporate Distribution Centers New York Credit Stores University Relations Rockwell Automation ManPower Group Local Companies Takeaways Recruiter Survey Kohl's Associates Intranet ERP Landing Page Taleo Technology to leverage ...but then where does it go? Kohl's Recruiting Teams Key Business Partners (vendor) (team) (team) Job-Specific Referrals Value & Support Ease of Payment Understanding the referrer & referral experience Eligibility Term 6 months? 1year?
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