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The Five Themes of Geography

Tools for investigating and understanding our planet's Geography.

Lisa Donaldson

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of The Five Themes of Geography

The Five Themes of Geography
Human and Environment Interaction
Location tells us where something is.
Relative Location
Absolute Location
Credit: Reto Stockli, NASA Earth Observatory
Relative Location
Describing a location by what it is near.
Cuba lies 90 miles off Key West, Florida
Absolute Location
Using GPS coordinates to describe a location.
Coordinates: 30.5232548°N 84.2749003°W
Maclay School
Place defines the physical and human characteristics of a location.
Regions are areas with similar characteristics.

Like Place, regions can be based on human and physical characteristics.
Human Characteristics
"Latin America" is a region of the 20 countries of Central and South America that share a common heritage, history, and culture.
Physical Characteristics
Climate, landforms, and terrain are examples of physical characteristics.
Latin America
The Atlas Mountains
Sydney, Australia
Sydney is the most populated city in Australia. It's temperate climate, beaches, and cultural events make it a prime tourist destination.
Describes how and why people and things move around the world.
This describes how people adapt to and interact with their environment.
Photo by Jonathan Talbot, World Resources Institute. 2003.
Slash and Burn Agriculture
Cutting and burning large areas of forest as a way to clear land for farming.
The Suez Canal
The Suez Canal, a man-made canal which opened in 1869, links the Mediterranean and Red Seas.
The Atlas Mountain Range stretches across three Northern African countries: Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.
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