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Book Report

No description

Rohit Chopra

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Book Report

Ender`s Game
By: Orson Scott Card Setting Main Characters Differences and Similarities Between Eros and Earth Graphics Plot More About the Author,
Orson Scott Card This story takes place in many places. One place where the story takes place is Earth. Another place this story takes place is on a spaceship in the asteroid belt called Battleschool. Also a place in the book is a planet called Eros.It is the command center of the world goverment. Ender - The main character who is a cunning tactician as well as a excellent commander . He is also the brother of Peter and Valentine. He is a genius.
Valentine- Ender`s loving older sister who protects Ender from Peter when Ender was young.
Peter- Ender`s older violent brother who is very cruel and like to torture squirrels.
Colonel Graff- Ender`s recruiter and watches him while he preforms in battle school and isolates him.
Buggers- Aliens that look like bugs and that attack Earth.
Mazer Rackham- Ender`s trainer that teaches him to fight the bugger in a strategic way and the person who defeated the buggers in the Second Invasion.
Bonzo Madrid- Ender`s worst enemy at Battle School. In the end Ender and Bonzo get in a fight and Bonzo is killed. Both worlds are inhabited by humans. They both get sunlight. They both have oxygen. They both have a atmosphere. They both are solid places. They both have a sun. The war between the buggers and humans is still raging. The humans have won the second invasion by the intelligence of the military genius Mazer Rackham but who will help the humans win the third invasion? The answer is Ender Wiggin who is recruited by the world government because they believe that Ender is the one who can defeat the Buggers. Colonel Graff goes to officially recruits Ender. Ender is ruthless, cunning, brilliant, a tactical and strategic master and yet Ender is only six years old. To begin his training Ender is sent to Battleschool. There he learns how fight and shoot a laser in a null gravity battle simulation . He learns very quickly and is assigned to be part of one army in the game at a very young age. In the army he learns more tricks and maneuvers. Meanwhile on Earth Valentine and Peter are becoming great politicians disguised as Demosthenes and Locke and are going famous. Before long Ender is given his own army at surprisingly young age. His army is only made of children that have never fought before. Yet his army wins every battle brilliantly and soon the head of the school is making the games unfair and still Ender wins. One of the older kids, Bonzo there gets mad at Ender for beating his army so he goes to fight Ender in the bathroom. Ender quickly finishes the fight by knocking him out. That's what Ender thinks happens. What really happens is that Bonzo is killed. Then Ender is graduated from Battleschool and is sent to Command School on planet Eros where he learns to control fleets on a battle simulator by Mazer Rackham. Mazer tells Ender that he is playing against him but little does Ender know that he is controlling real star ships and playing agianst the Buggers. The day comes when Ender vs the buggers at their home planet. Does he win or does he lose? Read the book to find out! Orson Scott Card was born August 24, 1951. He has written in several different genres but he is mostly known for his science fiction. He wrote Ender`s Game in 1985. It was published by Tor Books. Orson then wrote many other books in the same series of Enders game.The next book is the Speaker of the Dead. This year Ender`s Game is going to be turned into a movie co-produced by Orson Scott Card himself. Citation "Orson Scott Card." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 21 Jan. 2013.
N.d. Introduction to Game StudiesWeb. 24 Feb 2013. <http://blog.ocad.ca/wordpress/vism2b15-fw2011-01/files/2011/09/bugger_painted_by_aspeckofdust-d2xfkwn.png.jpeg>.
39_enders_game__command_school_4. 2009. MarvelWeb. 24 Feb 2013. <http://www.comicbox.com/index.php/news-english/marvel-in-december-2009-ultimate-comics-others/?pid=3960>.
"TubeChop - Ender's Game Trailer (01:01)." TubeChop. TubeChop.com, 24 Feb. 2012. Web. 26 Feb. 2013.
Opanga, David. "Ender's Game Trailer." YouTube. YouTube, 12 May 2010. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. Eros Similarities Earth Eros is six and a half kilometers thick at its thinnest point .It has only half of Earth's gravity. There are only ten thousand people living on it. The surface of the planet is completely devoted to absorbing sunlight. The people living on Eros live inside to planets interior. Eros is a planetoid. The Earths gravity is 9.78 m/s². It has 7,100,153,170 humans and counting. On the surface of the planet there are humans. Earth is a planet. http://www.tubechop.com/watch/959954 This is a bugger, a type of alien species in the book. This supports the alien science fiction part. This is Ender looking at Eros which is in the background. This supports the other worlds catagory. This is a video showing futuristic spaceships and the power of Dr.Device. This supports the future technologies. Please click here for the video
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