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A Hero's Journey: Hancock

No description

matt Lopresti

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Hancock

A Hero's Journy:

Hancock THe Call: Hacock's world is the city of Los Angeles,a mostly normal city, with mostly normal folks. However, he's a superhero. Hancock doesn't know how he aquired his super powers, but hes got 'em. He can fly. Has super strength. But a bad attitude. He does what he wants. When he wants. Whats his call to adventure? He's a jerk. ...and he wants to change. No one can stop him... He definantley fights crime...but in his own way. He'll save the day, but leaeve behind an expensive clean up job. So yeah...everyone hates him. Mostly beecause of what a man said to him... The man to the left. His name is ray Ray involved himself with Hancock because he saved him from a car accident. Hancock could have said no when Ray asked him to change for the better. So, Hancock was WILLING to change. He said yes, on his own. ...because nobody can stop him. So, the whole city hates him for his selfish attitude. Whats the boundry between the known and unkown? Being a good person. He's a destructive, un-polite, and maltreats the city around him. So, he doesnt know what it takes, or how you become a better person. He needs help. The uknown: A happier life
where people actually like him. Where people except and treasure his presence. Unfortuntlety, hes never seen that side of life His world is filled with hate and misunderstanding. The side of hapiness and plessure is unknown to him. It'd be a strange new world for Hancock. Thats Hancock. Ray suggested Hancock should change fot the better. What's his leap of faith? Attemping to change his attitude, and the person he is. His Gaurdian...you guessed it. Ray. He prepares Hancock by giving him something he never had. A friend. He invites Hancock a dinner, introduces him to his family,and even gets a number one fan. Challenges and Temptations: Challenge 1:
Ray's wife Mary acts very mysterious towards hancock.She's giving off negative vibes. Thats her. Hancock knows she's Ray's wife.
He knows it's wrong to get personal
with her, but, he does it anyway. Suprise! She ends up being a jerk to him because, she has the same abilities as Hancock. They fight.(Feel free
to skip the video) It turns out,
when they get emotionally closer
to eachother, they slowly lose their powers. That's his weakness. Challenge 2:
Staying in prison. Ray suggests Hancock goes to prison
to show the city he can change.
He stays in there for a while, but, he
is a super hero. He can bust out whenever he wants.
The hard part is leaving, but he manages to say in. Sucess? Yes. Oh and challeng one was a failure. Challenge 3:
Changing hisimage.
Hancock is still a superhero
meaning he can do whatever he
wants. Fortunatley, he decides to
change his image after leaving
prison for his first "day saving." Although it's challenging
for him, he uses the same
manors thay Ray tought him. Sucess? Definantley. Hancock is both mentally
and physically challged.
Physically because he finally
met his match for a breif moment.
(Mary)However, he is mostly mentally challenged.
This is because throughout the story, he
ultimatley attemps to change everything about his
overall character. How does he develop? Well,
look at the previous video. Hes taken Ray's advice, was
alot less destrcutive, and
was polite and well manered. He's no longer the Hancock we were talkin' 'bout before. Helper: Aaron.
Aaron is Ray's son.
He helps out Hancock
by giving him his trust
and understanding.
By giving Hancock a fan,it
helps show him this whole
big change is worth while. The little guy
is to the left.
Mentor: Also Ray.He gives Hancock advie throught the whole story, such as.., "show polite manners." "Be less destructive." ...and so on. He is different then the helper because he stays at a distnance, but still gives advice. Not interfering with Hancock's actions, but guiding him. While saving the day
his first time while
out of prison, he runs into red.
Red is a mean bankrobber, and Hancock
amputated his hand, his own way. So, red was
sent to prison.He wanted revenge. The Abyss:
Showdown with Red.
Because Hancock was
weakened by his one
and only weakness, he was
becoming mortal.This final
fight scene took place within
a hospital.Hancock was there
because he was shot in a convenience
store while slightly weakened.While there, Mary arrived, only making him weaker. When Red arrived, he
nearly killed Hancock. He shot him, beat him, and Hancock was too weak to fight back. He almost died. The hospital celing
spinklers were on and the
hospital was all beaten
up. This brang forth a
"hell-like" environment. How is it conquered? Ray comes to the rescue and
knocks him out with the flat
of an axe. Hancock has a chance to
get at a distance from Mary. Revelation:
Hancock now sees his place
in the world. He realizes his gift
is a gift best used on the side of
justice.(That was cheesy, but true)
He realizes the world needs him,
and he needs a world who loves him. Transformation:Hancock now sees
himself as a protector. His behavior
revolves around the people and when they
need him. His actions are less destructive,
and he's now kinder and gentler.
He is now a hero because
he knows his place on this Earth, he knows what he's capible of and what he must do to bring out the best of everybody. He has the true goals and attitude of a real superhero. That's right. Check out that
kick-ass gettup. Looks like a
true hero rather than this... Atonement:He is now
at one with himself
because he discovered his
past through Mary, but excepts
what hes destined to be now. He
understands he's an immortal superhero but also knows how to use what he has.
He excepts his responsibility
by strapping on his new supersuit,
and carrying on the advice his past experiences
brought up. He now protects the city, rather than
(slightly) intenstionally destroying it. Return:
He conquered the unkown by
beating and making it through his previous experiences. He made it through his challenges. He Flies above the local boardwalk with pride to demonstrate his status of a hero.The town excepts him by
greeting him proudly on his arrival to a crime scene, or
looking at him with a smile as he flies above. The biggest gift he receives is appreciation. The Gift: Hancock places
Ray's potential compamy
logo on the moon. That is physical.
His mental gift is giving the people of Earth a new and imporved Hancock. One whos changed for the better. The End
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