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Fausto X

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of D-DAY to VE DAY

Troops are sent out.
An army of over 70,000 British and American soldiers were sent over to the coast of Vichy French- North West Africa.
Western Task Force flies in From USA
Port lyautey
This is where the first war will be. The first front commanded by Major General George S Patton. Maj Gen Patton will land in Fedala, a safe six miles from the Western task force's objective, Casablanca. Maj Gen Pattons northern forces will land in Port Lyautey in huge amounts in an attempt to overwhelm those that are defending it. His southern task force will land in Safi, Once these points are all captured, they will try to surround those defending Casablanca to eventually capture it.
Eastern Task Force flies in from UK
Central Task Force flies in from UK
Front controlled By General Fredendall
Great Britain
German Troops Enter From Sicily
Due to little reconnaissance on Oran, The Central Task Force struggled against French resistance once they get on Oran's shores. The French did not allow Maj Gen Fredendall to land troops on their harbor due to heavy gunfire, After a whole day, French troops finally surrender, allowing the Brits to capture Oran.
The Eastern Hemisphere is where everything goes down.
Central Task Force controlled by Major General Lloyd Fredendall and Commodore Thomas Troubridge
Eastern Task Force consists of Lieutenant General Kenneth Anderson and a US Infantry Division, two British brigades, and two British Commando units
Hours before this landing even began, Henri d'Astier de la Vigerie and José Aboulker's resistance teams tried to coup d'etat General Alphonse Juin and managed to imprison him. American consul, Robert Daniel Murphy saw a chance and he hopped on it, but they didn't answer the offer. Without hesitation, the landings began. Capturing Algiers was a walk in the park due to the small amount of opposition. These men could not actually land exactly on the harbor due to the stubborn french defense.
Germans manage to wall the allied forces with their outstanding 100,000 troops in Tunisia. The Allied Forces headed east into Tunisia to try to trap the Axis like General Bernard Montgomery did when he fought Rommel. America wasn't ready to suffer another embarassing loss like the battle of Kasserine Pass and when spring came, The Axis were finally removed from North Africa.
Germany Advances into southwest Russia
Germany wants to capture a city of the ages, Stalingrad. With a capture like this, Germany will gain a great advantage and strategic turning point. Stalin knew what a loss this would be and held the city down at all costs. Stalin falls back on his trustworthy Marshal Georgy Zhukov, A hero(?) who leaded the Red army to many victories. Stalin also enforced a "Not a step back"order where a soldier may not fall back unless told otherwise. failure to do so would result in immediate "liquidation"
Axis forces Luftwaffe constantly bombard stalingrad with tanks, artillery, bomber planes, and much more until the "Soviet Guard" begins to crack. Soon the Soviets slip into a pit of loss and undoubtedly begin to crumble. Axis powers slip into the center of Stalingrad by September. At one point, Axis powers began to fight the soviets with hand to hand combat like real men, despite all the artillery battles going on gust outside of the city. In October, all new Soviet troops arrive bringing a speck of faith to the Soviet side, they proceed to plow through two romanian armies by November and soon surrounded the Axis forces around Stalingrad. The Luftwaffe was beginning to have to ration supplies, and Hitler refused to retreat. After a long, grueling battle, The axis has finally been beaten in February 2. Hitler has finally
The highlighted area is the (approximate) range of the British radar. New technology, which made british a formidable force on the field. The Radar allowed the British to tell when planes and ships were getting near before they could hear them. This made invading Great Britain a tedious task.
Lymes Regis
Le havre
German Invasion Plan-Operation Sea lion
Orange colored locations are important capture points
Army Group C
6th Army
9th Army
Army Group A
16th Army
Once Winston Churchill decides to enter the war and fight, Germany begins to plan how it will attack. The British radar detected German planes and Churchill evacuated all children to a safe place, Soon after, they discovered that it was a phoney attacked.
Churchill Enters War.
The Axis could not care less, The started the attack on Britain in broad daylight, and that is where the onslaught begins. It was day to day bombing, Destroying every thing they possible. Even helpless civilians. The first attack began in Caithness, Scotland. Soon after The Axis forces begin heavy attack on the south coast of the UK and completely
Southampton, It burned for weeks. There were also attacks on Wrexham, Bradford, Liverpool, and Birmingham. They were only getting closer and closer to London.
And so the death and Destruction begins...
Soon, Germany begins to bomb British Coastal airfield. They soon begin to attack ships carrying vital supplies. Daily dogfights break out over the british waters and ports. They begin to focus on these ports to make the invasion of the UK easier. Hitler launches The Eagle Attack and it orders his generals to destroy all British flying units. The British were not going to let this happen, so they fight back and have a advantage of 35 losses to The Germans 76, but this did not stop the Germans from bombing the airfields. British have lost a whopping 256 planes and a tragic death count of 125 RAF pilots. The Germans also begin to bomb London "accidentally".
The British were set for Berlin. They were ready and that's were they were headed until they met the Anti-Aircraft weapons waiting for them. The British forces main target were armament factories. The RAF couldn't fly low due to the Anti-Aircraft weapons which had a great affect on the pilots aim. Bombs landed on Berlin. Hitler was angry.
Hitler targets London, and solely London. A psychologically scarring 1000 airplanes fly over UK's coast. Pure death was happening. London was burned to the ground. 430 civilians killed and over 1600 injured. London was in shambles. This bombardment drags on for an unbelievable 76 nights.
The remaining Fighter command had to build up Moral to save lives
These pilots were now fighting for their country, their homes, and their lives. Thankfully, RAF was allowed to breathe when the Luftwaffe had a change in plans and tactics. This gave them a chance to rebuild moral and repair everything possible. They inadvertently let the British Replenish its army and it was time to strike back. Planes from all over the UK were sent to the south coast. September 15 was the day to shine. Once the Luftwaffe bombers dropped their bombs, they weren't so menacing and were now easy targets for the refreshed pilots. The RAF managed to take out 61 of the Germans planes, their highest loss in the whole month of September. The RAF did loose 31 planes. After several weeks of dogfights, Germans couldn't gain the airspace that they needed and eventually they began to fall. The Luftwaffe was defeated.
Hitler postpones the invasion of Britain and now focuses on operation Barbarossa
The Liberation Of Paris
During the WW2, There were some very happy times. Of all of these happy times, None were as radiant and beatific as the Liberation of Paris! August 24-25, 1944 were days when the whole world stopped and smiled. Paris was a freed by a French divisions controlled by Dwight Eisenhower , An American Division, and resistance fighters of a big variety of nationalities. This victory was a morale Boost for everyone.
Eisenhower did not want to seem like he was interfering with Paris' affairs and let them form a new government on their own, they did state that Americans put Charles De Gaulle in power. Hitler assigns a new General after firing his old one, this man , General Dietricjhvon Choltitz had the power to choose who lives and dies in Paris. Hitler wanted him to turn Paris into a fortress, h would even have to destroy many parts of it to do so. He inevitably failed at doing this before Eisenhower arrived.
August 23rd 20,000 German troops were outside of Paris commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Hubertus von Aulock. General Choltitz was given the impossible order "Paris is not to fall in the hands of the enemy, except as a heap of ruins." from Hitler. American General Barton decided to go on and pass Leclerc regardless if his men were at the front or not. Gen Leclerc had a high casualty rare and loss of many weapons. It was unbelievable with the armoured division that he had. The Allies enter Paris' suburbs and the French citizens celebrate everywhere.
Operation Overlord. The invasion of France set on June 1944. Overlord required an inconceivable amount of troops in both England and France. Fortunately, The Allies took Germans by surprise at the invasion of Normandy. The Allies convinced Germany that the attack would be at Pointe du Cale. They tried their best to deceive the Germans, they had children act like soldiers, they also faked movements and even had inflatable weaponry! The British even had double agents spy on the germans and were able to capture thousands of German spies. The Allies also know exactly what the Germans are planning by intercepting their coded messages and decoding them with a method called ultra. The Allies plan to invade five beaches, Utah, Omaha, Juno, Gold, and Sword. Once they landed they were bombarded with bullets and if you were the first to get out of the ship onto the beach, you were as good as dead. they concentrated fire mainly on those ships. Fortunately the numbers played a big part in the siege of Normandy and eventually the Allies could finally establish a beach head. Once that happened it was "bumpy" sailing from there. What also helped the Allies reach their objective was the amount of weapons the Allies had compared to the axis.

December 16, 1944 The Germans surprise attack the Allies in the Ardennes Mountains. The weather was as harsh as sandy on klasner's car (LOL) To make matters worse, Commands broke down, Communications broke down, weapons began to freeze, supplies were lost. It was like survival of the fittest. People were freezing to death, suffocating fast wind and snow, and loosing body parts due to frostbite or even dying. As weather improves, the Allies start to preform better, once the weather cleared, The Air Force was able to come in and destroy while simultaneously dropping supplies. The Allies were gaining an advantage. Eventually, the Germans start to loose men, supplies, and fuel.
On January 25, 1945 The Allies achieve full victory.
Wolf Lair
Hitlers Bunker
Adolf Hitler, hiding in his fuhrer bunker, awaiting death, knowing that he will soon die. Hitler married Eva Braun two days before they committed a double suicide. This marked the end of a thousand year reich.
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