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My Amazing Race

BY : Shahd Abdelghany

Shahd Abdelghany

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of My Amazing Race

Pit stop # 1
Dublin, Ireland

Longitude and latitude : 53.3478° N,6.2597° W
Population : 4,845,999
Dublin is the most populated city in Ireland because it is the capital which means there are more jobs ,a more
modern life and all human necessitates are surrounding you
Climate : Temperate oceanic
Official Language(s) : Irish
Quality of life : 188.99 ( studies show that in 2005 Ireland had the best quality of life)
pit stop #3
Sydney NSW, Australia

pit stop #4

Nairobi, Kenya
longitude and latitude : 1.2833° S, 36.8167° E
population : 44.35 million, Kenya has a big population even though its not a developed or a rich country because Kenyan traditions are to have many kids but also because the kids don't live for long and if they do its not the best life because of the diseases so a family has many kids but some end up dieing .
climate : subtropical highland
official language : Swahili
quality of life : 90.98

pit stop #7
Rome, Italy

Distance from Rome back to Ottawa is 6,725 km

My Amazing Race
By : Shahd Abdelghany
physical map of
political map of Ireland

map of
My amazing race will start at
Ottawa, Canada
and the runners will head to pit stop #1
The distance to be traveled from Ottawa to pit stop # 1 is 4,896 km

Pit Stop # 2
Tokyo, japan

Physical and human characteristics
longitude and latitude : 35.6833° N, 139.6833° E
population : 13.35 million people , japans population is huge because they have a very high longevity rate even though they have one of the lowest fertility rates plus japan is an island so its harder fro people to emigrate from it.
climate : humid subtropical
Official language(s) : Japanese
Quality of life : 165.99
political map of
physical map of
The distance to be traveled from
pit stop # 1 to pit stop # 2 is
9,579 km

physical and human characteristics
lakes rivers
and oceans
plains and
ruins of
Task # 2 : one step at a time
Task # 1 : leprechaun mission
irish step dancing is a big tradition in most of Ireland so in this task the teams have to perform a step dance duet together and do it perfectly as being taught by a step dancing couple with years of experience in the dance house located near the center of Dublin . Once the teams are ready to perform the couple will watch and once they have impressed the dancing couple they will be handed their next clue and will head the the next destination .
we all know that leprechauns make shoes but today the leprechauns (teams) are on a mission to find the perfect shoe where they will find their next clue in a famous shoe store located in Dublin called schuh but the twist is that the clues are spread along 3 of the schuh stores branches . once the leprechauns finds their clue they must buy the shoe and head to their next destination .
Peel the Deal
Ireland is known for the huge amounts of potatoes that are being produced by it and that's what most of the irish menu is made of . Each team has to choose one person to complete the roadblock located in Dublin in a well known restaurant called Boxty their task is to peal 80 pounds of potatoes for the restaurant to use of course while being watched by a chef to insure that every potato is peeled to perfection. after they reach the desired amount the team will be handed their clue and shall make their way to the destination where this leg of the race will be ended, the last team to arrive will be eliminated.
rivers, oceans
and lakes
ancient buildings
and temples
stadiums and
Road Block
Task #1: Fish your clue
Task #2: Weigh your fish
Since fish and fishing are a big part of traditions culture and income for japan this challenge requires the teams to go to Tsukiji ,which is the world's largest fish market located in central Tokyo , and try to find their next clue in the mouth of one of the hundreds of tuna fish in there . the teams will have to wear rubber gloves for safety and try to find the clue in the fish and if they don’t then they shall move on to the next and once they find the clue they have to go to the fish seller and buy the fish then head to the next destination with the fish .

Since fish and fishing are a big part of traditions culture and income for japan this task the teams are required to go to tsukiji the world's largest fish market ,unload a load of 30 large tunas weigh them then lay them on the ground with their weight written on the fin like they do in the fish market after they are done they have to buy one of the fish that weighs 40 pounds once they buy the fish they can get their next clue and head to their awaiting destination.
Make your dish
In this roadblock the teams have to pick one person to complete it and once they do they will travel by foot to Sushi Dai which is a very popular and amazing restaurant very close to the fish market. The moment they get there they will find a line of chefs waiting in the kitchen they must pick one of them whom they feel comfortable with . The person completing this challenge will have to give the fish to the chef so he/she can prepare it for the challenge and that is to make five perfect sushi tubes and then cut them into little sushi rolls . If the sushi meets the satisfaction of the chef they will get their next clue and if it doesn’t they will have to redo it all over again. keeping in mind that they only get one demonstration by the chef.
The distance that the teams will travel from pit stop #2 to pit stop #3 is 7,822 km

political map
of Australia
physical map
of Australia
Longitude and Latitude: 33.8650° S, 151.2094° E
Population : 4,627,345, the reason why the population in Sydney is very populated is because it has a lot of attractions an tourism which attract emegrents.
Climate : Subtropical
Official language(s) : English (with an australian accent)
Quality of life: 198.79

physical and human
hiking areas
opera house
modern fancy
Task #1 : koala climb
Task #2 : Kangaroo capture
This task requires the teams to head to the featherdale wildlife park in Sydney. once they arrive there they will go to the koala sanctuary ,they get the chance to come up close to to the koalas as their next clue is hung up in the trees although the teams yet don't know which tree it is so they have to search in many before they find their next clue. the teams can then start heading to their next challenge .
The following task requires the teams to also go to feather leads park but on the other side where the Kangaroos are so the teams can start the challenge and that is to get the clue but as easy as it sounds the teams are actually required to chase the kangaroos to get their clue and once they finally get the clue they can start heading to the next destination.

This time the task is for the players to head to the great sydney opera house in Sydney which is one of the main attractions for tourists and that is of course after the team chooses the person that is going to perform the task which is to listen to the opera / play that artists will perform but they have to pay careful attention because there are going to be hints and clues in the opera play on where their next clue will be, after the play is over they can go search for the clue which is going to be at the back stage but if the players don't find the clue before the next play starts they have to watch it again until they get the clue and once they do they can reunite with their teammates and head to the next destination.

The distance that the runners will travel from pit stop #3 to pit stop #4 is 12,144 km


map of
physical map
pf Kenya
political map
of Kenya
Physical and human characteristics
plains &
grass lands
Task#1:Transport the water
In this task the teams will take on the role of a kenyan mom which is transporting water from the source back to the family . so the teams are required to go to go the nearest water source to the house where their last clue was there will be no directions so the teams will have to get hints and clues of where the nearest water source is from the people around . once they get to the water source they have to fill 6 jugs with water and once they do the teams will then travel by foot to their next clue carrying the water jugs .and when they get there they must give the jugs to a family that awaits them and then they shall receive their next clue.

Task #2 : build a house
This task requires the teams to head to the Masai tribe village where they will have to help a mother build a house since the families depends on the mother to do that . the teams will make the mixture of mud grass wood and cow dung and will start building with the mom until she gives them the approval to go in the house and get their next clue.

Lead the cattle
cattle are a huge part of Masai tribe tradition and beliefs so in this task the person chosen to continue it is required to travel about 200 m by foot from where their last clue was and they will find a herd of cows .the person doing the won’t need directions because it will be clearly visible since it’s a very short distance away. he/she must lead the cattle to their next clue which will be in one of the villages of one of the Masai tribes . Once the team mates gets the teams clue they can meet with their teams than go to their next destination .

The distance from pit stop #4 to pit stop #5 is 9,741 km
pit stop #5
Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

Distance from pit stop #5 to pit stop #6 adds up to 5,898 km.
Pit stop #6
San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
The distance from pits top #6 to where pit stop #7 is going to take place is 9,846 km.

political map
of Italy
phsical map of Italy
physical and human characteristics
farming lands
hills and
fields of flowers
attractions like
the spanish
the grand
Road block
Task #1 : deep in dungeons
This task will take the teams on a journey in one of the most famous ancient builds in the world and and a big attractions to all visitors of Rome and that is the ancient Rome coliseum the teams will find their clue in one on the dungeon ways that gladiators and big beasts use to wait before they fight it kind of looks like a maze. once the teams have found their clue they must find their way out to get to their the next destination .

Task #2 : 135 steps away
In this task the teams will head to the spanish steps in Rome which is a staircase of 135 steps leading to a roman church . the teams will have to climb to the top of the staircase to find their next clue but the trick is that there will only be on so the other team(s) will have to find their clue with one of the people around that area the teams won't know who it is so what they will have to do is ask people if they have a clue for them until they find the right person and once they get their clue they must head to their next destination.
The last stretch
This last task of this years amazing race will require the teams to get one of the bikes that are placed next to their previous clue and ride it to their next destination which is the Trevi fountain which is the largest fountain in the city and the most beautiful in the world the teams will have no directions but they will have a map so it’s easy to get lost without the skill of mapping, the trevi fountain is not far from both the coliseum and the spanish steps because it is in the middle. ( distance from spanish steps to fountain is 1.5km / distance from colosseum to fountain is 3.6km) once the teams arrive to the Trevi fountain one of them has to make a wish and throw a coin in and the legend says that they will be guaranteed another visit to Rome than the team shall step on the amazing race mat . the teams will be told their place if their first they win this years amazing race and get their wish and the cash but if their not first they go home empty handed but maybe their wish will become true with their small cash prize.

longitude and latitude: 41.9000° N, 12.5000° E
population : 59.83 million,Rome is one of the most visited places in the world which attracts a lot of people to live there.
climate : subtropical Mediterranean
official language : Italian
Quality of Life: 159.28
That is the end to my amazing race of 2016 .
Thanks for watching patiently .
link to pit stop information cards :
My amazing race totaled a distance traveled of 66,651 km
link to distance traveled assignment :
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