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PDHPE Nutrition

No description

Tom Spencer

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of PDHPE Nutrition

Nutrition The sport I have chosen to complete my Nutrition PDHPE task with is rugby, which I compete at a club level with. I used this website http://nutritiondata.self.com/tools/calories-burned
to see what a teenager of my description requires for the activity of rugby for 90 minutes and running for 90 minutes. This is a snapshot of the calculator http://nutritiondata.self.com/tools/calories-burned Results These are the nutritional needs for a boy of my age, participating in a rigorous training and playing schedule, during the competition phase in Term 1 In my dietary plan I have chosen foods high in carbohydrates to provide energy. Along with that I have worked in less fat, enough protein and more dietary fibre. I have not added any supplements as of the information from a website stated below:
'Note any supplements should only be prescribed by a sports dietician or a sports physician and only once it has been determined that your diet is unable to meet these additional requirements!'

As well as this there can be side affects. Big 100 colossal bars are a protein bar and as the name suggests, they are very high in protein and kilojoules. Powerade is a drink full of energy and electrolytes, so I have added it to the plan twice. To keep up hydration and energy. Bacon is high in protein and is on the dietary plan for breakfast. Eggs are extremely high in protein - 6 grams of protein per egg, and protein is essiential for muscle growth. Two are on the dietary plan for breakfast. Breakfast Explanation Fruit is important to stay healthy, so mango is for breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks And Supplements Toast is in their for the extra carbohydrates. Lots of pasta is on the menu for lunch as it is loaded with carbohydrates and is still good for you. Pasta sauce and cheese is basically for taste. Garlic bread has lots of carbohydrates and kilojoules so it is great for energy. Steak is full of protein which is essiential for muscle growth. Potato is full of carbohydrates and will keep you from eating fatty or sweet foods. All the vegetables and fruit are essiential to keep the body health and in balance. These are onion, corn and peas for vegetables and tomato for fruit. All parts of my dietary plan are suitable for a student of my age playing in a rigorous training session. There is More carbohydrates, less fats, a lot more protein and more dietary fibre in the diet, which is recomended for rugby players by the ARU (Australian Rugby Union). Summary
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