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English book talk

Joy Kondo

on 3 October 2010

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Transcript of Quiver

Q QUIVER QUIVER Atalanta-the main character. Book by: Stephanie Spinner Book talk by: Joy, Darya, Mizuki, and Gena The setting of this book is in Ancient Greece. The main character is Atalanta. She is 16 years old, and she was raised by the goddess Artemis, who found Atalanta as an abandoned baby. Artemis, the goddess that takes care of Atalanta, makes her promise that she will never get married. So Atalanta makes the promise to never get married. Atalanta is really good at hunting, and is alsoo a really fast runner.Then there is a hunting competition. Atalanta is one of the only girls there, but she wins by killing a boar. Then one day, Atalanta finds out that her father is a king. He wants her to come to him. So Atalanta goes to see her father. When she sees her father, he tells her to get married, so that there would be a new king. atalnata doesn't know what to do. She had promised not to get married. Then Atalanta tells her father that she will get married to the first man that outruns her in a race. Atalanta doesn't think that anyone can beat her. But she also tells him that if a man that races her doesn't win, then he has to die. Her father thinka that is okay, so they start the races. Atalanta doesn't want to betray Artemis, so she hopes that no man will be foolish enough to even try. Her first opponent is Cepheus. He is a prince, but is not very good at running. Atalanta gives him poison iin the middle of the race, so he drinks it and dies. Her second opponent is a Creten prince, and then there are three more people. Ataalanta beats them all. Then Atalanta'ss maid, the person the gives her the poison, tells Atalanta that she doesn't have much poison left. The goddess Aphrodite, and her son Eros, have been watching all of the races. They are trying to get Atalanta to lose the races, but it hasn't been working so far. But one day, aphrodites finds Hippomenes. He is going to race against Atalanta, so he is praying to the gods. Then Aphrodites gives him 3 golden apples, and tells hiim to throw it in front of Atalanta while they are racing. Then she will stop to pick them up and while she does that, he can beat her. WILL IT WORK????? WILL ATALNATA GET MARRIED?????? IF SHE DOES WHO DOES SHE GET MARRIED TO?????? WHAT WILL HAppen TO THE PROMISE THAT SHE MADE WITH ARTEMIS????? YOU CAN FIND OUT BY READING... WE HOPE YOU ENJoY READING IT!!!!! Thank you for listening to our book talk!
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