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My Weekend

No description

Beth Gordon

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of My Weekend

End of Friday
On the end of Friday, when I was picked up from after school, I went to my dad's work!! It sound boring but, it was nice! It had air conditioning,and i smelled like coffee. Then my mom picked me up and I went home and chilled.
The next day, I had so much fun!! Me, my mom, and my dad went out to get Halloween stuff. (I have sisters but they were at their dads) We found so much cool stuff! We went to Target and T.J Max, and I think we found more stuff at T.J Max.
On Sunday, we put up some of the Halloween stuff. My favorite decoration is the telephone that when you pick it up, it says something in a scary voice. It looks like this, but it looks older.
The End
It was tragic when I went to bed, but I survived. So here I am today, waiting for the next weekend.
My Weekend
Hi, I am going to tell you about my weekend,I hope you enjoy!!
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