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Cell Division

10.5 pp. 388-395

Audra DeBourge

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Division

Text pp. 388-395
ISN pp. 66-67 Functions of Cell Division Growth
Reproduction Cell Cycle a cell grows, prepares for division, and divides into two new cells called "daughter cells." three main stages:
cytokinesis Interphase grows to full size
copies DNA
produces other needed structures Prophase chromosomes become more coiled
nuclear envelope dissolves
centrioles move to opposite ends of cell Metaphase chromosomes line up
nucleus is missing Anaphase chromosomes pulled apart to opposite ends of cell Telophase two new nuclei
no spindle fibers
cell is pinched around the middle MITOSIS Cytokinesis cell splits into two daughter cells
contains 1/2 the organelles of the parent cell

animal cells: cell membrane squeezes together around middle of cell and pinches into two cells

plant cells: cell plate forms across middle of cell

new cell membranes form between daughter cells

new cell walls form around cell membranes
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