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Costa Rica

No description

Autumn Freeman

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Food
recreation Arts and Culture

Historic sites usually cheese in costa rica
are served with nice fruit or
vegetable or both. Also usually
cosa ricans are high in fiber so
they have there foods high in fiber. cascada verbe is
locaded between untouched
mountains and rainforests,on the south pasific coast of costa rica. Independence day is
celebrated on the 15th
of september. for the spanish
rule in 1821. In recent years artist
around the world have been
finding great ideas for there art
from costa rica.

Costa rica is famous
for there nice outdoor reaction
people around the world have been
going there for years to see there
wonderful outdoor reaction. In Costa Rica this is a popular work of art this common outfit
is used for parades in
Costa Rica. this is a
dance usualy played at festivals this is a tree house that is just
by the ocean. this is a beach close to the
pasific. this is a popular ride
at a cost rica amusment park this is a small apartment normaly used for 1 person or a small family.. this is a nice log cabin also not the biggest in costa rica but is bigger. this is a pool normaly pools like this is in big hotels this is a food very popular in costa
rica but anyone can afored this dish. these are the kinda meats they eat in costa
rica. this healthy dish has tomatoes
and other fruits and vegitables. this is a nice building just
beside the ocean. these were found in one of the parks in costa
rica nobody knows where they came from. this is a volcanoe in costa rica
it hasnt erupted since the early 19hundreds.
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