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Case Study: Iggy's Bread of the World

No description

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Case Study: Iggy's Bread of the World

Case Study: Iggy's Bread of the World

Summary of Iggy's
3 Leadership Theories
Diagnosis of Iggy's Leadership
Implications for Iggy's
Quality of product
-word of mouth
-all natural/ organic products
-State of the art technology
-insisted on doing most of work by hand
-brought in SME's to train employees

Diagnosis of Iggy's Leadership
Demonstrated Styles approach to leadership. Concerned about employee well-being for effective production.

This was the right strategy in the beginning when hiring employees - treat them like family and everything falls into place.

The Work & The Workers
-Passion is key!
-Iggy & Ludmilla extremely involved
-Evolved philosophies that became "ways of life"
-"Clean and Happy Hands"
-Wanted employees involved in every aspect of business.
- hired employees with little to no experience, trained them the "Iggy way"

This approach tapers off success when Iggy's experienced growth and increase in market demands.

Did not work well when onboarding new management.
In Summary
More Implication's on Iggy's
Implications on Iggy's
What if Iggy's Does Nothing?
Leadership Concepts
First Leadership Theory - Transformational Leadership
Second Leadership Theory - Leader-Member Exchange
Why the Styles Approach Fell Short
Third Leadership Theory and Best Fit - Style Approach
Leadership Concepts
Leadership Concepts
The Ivanovic's used Transformational Leadership strategies
Inspirational Motivation
Individualized Consideration
They did not connect Transformational Leadership to organizational development.
Did not champion change or transform the organization.

The New Talent
-Employees became confused
-Communication became less
-Ludmilla less involved in business, more with the children
-Iggy and Ludmilla did not communicate changes about the business to employees or with new COO / CFO.
Under the Ivanovic's, each employee was part of the in-group.

With the change in leadership, none of the employees are part of an in-group now.
The Ivanovic's have a country-club management approach (1,9).

They have good relationships with all of their employees and they care about their growth personally and professionally.

Outside of making a good quality product, the Ivanovic's are not as concerned about production and prefer to leave those concerns to other employees.

Let go COO, Matthew McRae
Too isolated
Communication issues
Added no value
Unreasonable salary demands
Turn over a new leaf
Return to roots
Supported by theory

Difficult hiring process
Other leaders may leave
LMX Theory
Leaders should create a special relationship with all subordinates
Leaders should offer each subordinate the opportunity to take on new roles and responsibilities
Leaders should nurture high-quality exchanges with their subordinates
Leaders should look beyond their own work unit and create high-quality partnerships with people throughout the organization
Things will continue on the new trend:
Management will continue to change.
Morale will continue to decrease.
The Ivanovics will continue to be slowly pushed out.
The espoused and lived cultures will continue to pull apart.
Turnover can be expected to rise.

According to a study by Accenture, the most common reasons employees quit are:

1. They don't like their boss.
2. A lack of empowerment.
3. Internal politics.
4. A lack of recognition.
The culture of Iggy's will shift - Money will likely be more important than the product or the employees.

Relationships between management and employees, and within management will continue to be strained.
Hall, A. (2013). "I'm outa here!" Why 2 million Americans quit every month (and 5 steps to turn the epidemic around.
. Retrieved from: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alanhall/2013/03/11/im-outta-here-why-2-million-americans-quit-every-month-and-5-steps-to-turn-the-epidemic-around/
Let go VP of Marketing, Diane Coleman
Hire new leadership & train existing leadership
Cross training
Situational Leadership
Leadership is composed of directive and supportive dimension.
Evaluate employees and assess how competent and committed they are to perform a task.
Match the leaders style to the competence and commitment of their subordinates.
Works well over a long period of time
Prescriptive Value
Leader Flexibility
Hiring New COO:
Igor and Ludmilla will focus on goal achievement and COO's needs.
what and how goals are to be achieved.
Encourage and solicite input, but Igor and Ludmilla make the final decisions.
Iggy's has a number of leadership challenges
If they do nothing, morale will continue to decline and Ivanovics will continue to be excluded
Ivanovics should let COO go
New leadership should focus on LMX and Situational Leadership
Quick, impersonal growth will decrease the overall quality of Iggy's.
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