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Show Off Book Report

No description

trent case

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Show Off Book Report

Show Off Gordon
Korman Setting Griffin Bing Cedarvill, New York Main Charters Ben Solvak Savannah drysdale Dimitri Trembozen Trait good at making plans has narcolepsy animal expert dog trainer Protagonist changes he learns that training dogs especially Luther is harder than it looks how the charter acts the main charter sometime acts suspicious because he isn't supposed to be training Luther Climax the main problems is that savannah has to give up Luther or pay the 7 million dollar lawsuit so griffin tries to help. Character vs character Climax highest point in conflict when savannah has to give up Luther so her family doesn't have to pay 7 million dollars conflict resolved the conflict is resouved by griffin and Luther winning the world wide dog show and they won enough money and endorsement to pay off the lawsuit authers view on the topic he thinks that if you friend needs help you need to help them no matter how big or how small the problem is Theme the theme is that if a friend is in need you help them no matter how big or small the problem is Trent Case
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