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Julia Katsarova

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of e-commerce

Thank You for Your Attention! Companies, implemented e-commerce technologies have to : The Impact on Organisational Structure of Enterprises The communications and information technology, in particular e-commerce are successfully implemented into the business field as a consequence generally influenced by consumers. Consumer Behaviour M-commerce can be described as a section of e-commerce considering transactions based on electronic, conducted by a mobile terminal or a wireless network. It can also be determined“any transaction with a monetary value that is conducted via a mobile telecommunications network” Mobile Commerce Historical Development Buying and selling of goods and services online
Management of payment and transport
Negotiating and trading of financial instruments and communication of information Academic and Transferable Skills

How does affect

modern business E-commerce has created a borderless international and national market, established far closer relationships between retailers and customers by developing strong reputation with services adjusted to customers` requirements. The difference between e-commerce and e-business It is less broad comparatively to
B2B, but consumers tend much to encounter in this e-commerce group, affecting the modern business in a way of constructing a range of new business models emerging on the market space. How e-commerce can be categorized The utilization of e-commerce has been a central focus in the company`s operations and a significant step for its success Online retailing store is able to avoid the disadvantageous elements of traditional ones which are not efficient in analyzing customer demands and providing the corresponding personalized services. Apple`s approach to electronic transactions ensures easier and faster distribution channels for products, an expanded market for its goods and consequently client satisfaction. Business-to-Business Companies which take advantage of the facility of internet payment and offering and manage to modernize their operations usually stay on the market for a long period of time Enables companies to advertise their goods or services through the Internet so that the content could be globally noticed. Lower the barriers to enter the market Consumer to be kept satisfied Reasons of Development Level of security is of a particular importance given the absence of physical contact with the retailer. . The Internet has led to an increase in the price competition and as a result consumers expect to find lower prices of the online products. Buying and selling of goods and services online
Management of payment and transport
Negotiating and trading of financial instruments and communication of information Concept of Let`s explore it in details 13th century Years after it gained huge
publicity all over the world,
people have come up with the concept of electronic commerce. All of the e-commerce roles can be summarized in the word 'GLOBALIZATION' 2 4 5 Commerce emerged in its modern form for the first time in early 13th century in Italy. The largest form of e-commerce
Includes transactions between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, also between a wholesaler and a retailer Meeting the demands
and requirements of
other businesses. Business-to-Consumer This commerce includes customer purchasing goods or gathering information from an online source. The difference between e-commerce and e-business E-business is utilizing Internet technologies, for instance: email, online banking, websites and other applications. In the circumstances, any owner of a who takes advantage of Internet in orderto enhance and develop their business is using electronic business. The process of e-business does not include transactions involving an international exchange of value between companies, which is a distinct characteristic of the e- commerce decentralize decision making process prepare standardization
and e-documentation
of business processes reduce manual activities focus mainly on customer relationships Factors affecting online consumer
behaviour Thank You for Your Attention! Let`s explore it further Growth of e-commerce Depends on the amount of the Internet penetration in a certain region. According to transactions between parties e-commerce can be split into five groups Convenience The main objective in the adoption of e-commerce is optimize the supply chain
enhance the sufficiency of business activities. Traditional sales are being outpaced, by a large margin, by the Internet sales. They are moving from purchases of books and travel into property, clothes and home appliances
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