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Luke Skywalker's hero's journey

No description

William Flanagan

on 21 April 2017

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Transcript of Luke Skywalker's hero's journey

Meeting the mentor
When he crash-lands his plane in the swamp, and meets a small green creature that snuck up to them at their little man-made camp. The creature asks Luke to have dinner with him. He tells the creature that he will only eat dinner with him if he introduces Luke to Yoda. Which he finds out soon that the green creature is Yoda.
Luke gathers more allies to his cause, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Well, "gathers" is the wrong term; he technically hires them. When Luke and company prepare to leave Tatooine, stormtroopers attempt to stop them. With the help of his new allies, Luke succeeds in escaping the planet with the droids. He is on his way to Alderaan.
They discover the planet has been destroyed and replaced with the Inmost Cave, a place of danger and conflict, represented by the Death Star. Fear and doubt return to Luke in the face of such a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. In his words, "I have a bad feeling about this."
The rescue of Princess Leia represents this ordeal. Luke and his companions draw on their skills to mount a successful rescue of Leia. However, the minor success is not without loss as Luke witnesses Obi-Wan's death at Vader's hands.
Return With Elixir
His return signifies that his friends and the Rebels will survive to fight another day. He also comes back with the great power of the force.
Crossing the threshold
Luke leaves home and crosses the threshold of his journey in the form of Mos Eisley spaceport. The spaceport is a new world for Luke. He stops and stares at all the activity in the Cantina and doesn't know how to handle himself when a pig-nosed hooligan picks a fight. Luke is out of his element, but Obi-Wan's guidance and Luke's commitment to the journey see him through.
He does join the rebel fleet as a pilot, just like he wished back on Tatooine. As a bonus, he skips all the student debt he would have accrued going to the Academy. Luke is now ready for the last part of his journey.
Luke Skywalker's hero's journey
Tests, Allies, Enemies
The Road back
His road back is one without the Empire and the threats of the Death Star. As such, Luke's road back requires that he join the rebel offensive and destroy the Death Star.
The climactic final battle takes place, the attack on the Death Star. The consequences have never been higher: if Luke fails, the Rebels will be destroyed and the Empire will rule the galaxy through fear. The odds are against him and his Rebel companions, and several pilots die during the attack, including Luke's childhood friend, Biggs.
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