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Filling seminars and workshops using Social Media

Presentation on Filling seminars and workshops using Social Media

Ben Croft

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Filling seminars and workshops using Social Media

Stage 1: Pre Launch Stage 2: Launch Stage 3: The Event Stage 4: Post Event Repeat Filling coaching events, seminars
and workshops using social media Creating an
event emotion Your Story "The key messages you present to your target market over a set time period that builds a picture in their mind and spark an emotion" 1. Empathize with your target market
2. Focus on a common problem
3. Gain agreement
4. Discuss your vision for change (what can be done)
5. Engage in relevant discussions in a co-operative environment
6. Present your solution How to build a story All communications should
trigger this event emotion - Your groups on Facebook
- Your groups on Linkedin
- Others groups on Facebook
- Others groups on Linkedin
- Your Facebook fanpage (discussions and updates)
- Twitter (using a hashtag)
- Linkedin polls
- Linkedin Answers
- Blogs
- Surveys (eg. survey monkey) Build the event emotion through
interactions on: } Still limited details at this stage No dates
No times
Just building anticipation through the involvement
of your target market in the process Source strategic partners Industries (similar target market) Individual companies What you want Brainstorm what you are able
(and prepared) to put on the table - Your groups on Facebook
- Your groups on Linkedin
- Others groups on Facebook
- Others groups on Linkedin
- Your Facebook fanpage (discussions and updates)
- Twitter (using a hashtag)
- Linkedin polls
- Linkedin Answers
- Blogs
- Surveys (eg. survey monkey) } Use Social
Channels to
appeal for
strategic partners Affiliates - Those that have similar/same target market
- Use Google
--Leverage the affiliates SEO.
--Those with good SEO tend to have good lists too!
-Need to get these lined up early on - Maintain uninterupted communication
- Keep them updated with developments
- Maintain constant relevant contact
- Host a webinar or local meetup for affiliates Google
Twitter directories such as Twellow
Affiliate databases of event promoters
Facebook group owners
Linkedin group owners
Yahoo group owners
Share a sale affiliate broker
Affiliate Elite software } Source
via: Important
that you } Events Groups Events Groups Fanpage 12 Weeks out 10 Weeks Out 8 Weeks out 6 weeks 0ut 4 weeks out 2 Weeks out Newsbites { Press releases { All contain links
to event landing page } 12 Weeks out Content library Repurpose for leverage One 6 minute video of a
presentation/workshop etc. 5 Blog posts 3 Audio podcasts A series of articles One Vodcast Mini ebook Slideshare presentation = Full 6 minute Video Blog posts drip feeding details Additional sponsors Provide stakeholders with content to distribute through social networks - exhibitors,
- sponsors,
- speakers,
- strategic partners
- venue,
- host city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau Tweets
Status updates
Links to Value add articles Pre-event networking
community created 12 Weeks out 12 Weeks out 12 Weeks out 12 Weeks out Full details released What
How to get tickets Strategic partners and affiliates given initial sales material (version one to send out to be sent out in 2 weeks time, at 8 weeks out) 10 Weeks Out Articles
Suggested Tweets
Suggested Status updates
Value add content
Blog posts
Videos All containing affiliate links Local Power bloggers
engaged 10 Weeks Out Video interviews
with speakers/keynotes
released Q and A Webinar
announced 10 Weeks Out 10 Weeks Out Local power networkers (social and offline)
brought on as affiliates 10 Weeks Out Registration opened Integrate personal
offline and
online networking Green light to affiliates
and strategic partners
to send invitation one
(email) and begin
syndicating messages
through social sites Feed them additional articles (when possible and relevent) and inform them Invitation 2 will be with them shortly Announce across all social channels registration has opened/early bird pricing Discussion board posts Finalise official bloggers Syndicate external blog posts that are made Cross pollinate your prospects through driving from fan page to group to blog to fan page etc Create a Tweetplan 12 Weeks out This includes: 8 Weeks out 8 Weeks out 8 Weeks out 8 Weeks out 8 Weeks out 8 Weeks out 8 Weeks out Promotions lists Personalised Messages out to 8 Weeks out 8 Weeks out Discussion boards
and forums - Engage at every opportunity
- Stir discussions
- Comment and like every contribution
Invite questions and feedback 6 weeks 0ut 6 weeks 0ut 6 weeks 0ut Content distribution stepped up. Re-release content that was released earlier in the campaign 6 weeks 0ut Forward to a friend/network member messages sent out (2 day campaign) Posting about event once every 2 days minimum (value add posts as well as additional released details) 4 weeks out Discussion posts at their most active (keep on top of these) 4 weeks out Affiliates and strategic partners mailing 2 4 weeks out Blog: once per week giving updated details about event, numbers new sponsors etc. 4 weeks out Hold Q and A webinar and release results through all social channels 4 weeks out - Increase in message frequency
- Focus on scarcity 2 Weeks out 2 Weeks out 2 Weeks out Begin converting all RSVPs to full registrations
VERY IMPORTANT Follow up with bloggers
and media contacts lists Personalised Messages out to 1 Week Out Value add messages continually
distributed 1 Week Out REGISTRATION
FOLLOW UP Email with confirmation and directions inform of extra bonuses. (Include links to forums) Email with directions Group message to all RSVPs 48 hours later bonus sent with refer a friend incentive. Guide into CCS. (Again include links to forums) 1 Week Out Everyone who has RSVP'd on other social sites should be informed The Ultimate Social Media Marketing
System for Coaches Focus on generating high quality targeted coaching leads
Appropriate for coaches at all levels

4 Modules:
Facebook strategies for lead generation
Twitter strategies for lead generation
Linkedin strategies for lead generation
Filling coaching events, seminars and workshops with Social Media Marketing = 1 Module = $127 $107
2 Modules = $254 $227
3 Modules = $381 $307
4 Modules = $508 $347 (Save $141) ALSO INCLUDES FULL 28 DAY MONEYBACK GUARENTEE
(with no small print, if you are not 100% satisfied, one email to us and your investment will be returned in full). Over 300 clients and not one single return so far! WAIT THERE'S MORE! Sign up today to all four modules and get a lifetime of free updates to the course...
....ANDa 30 minute consultation with me Ben Croft (worth $250 alone). You also keep the 28 day guarentee. So you can take all four modules and cancel and PAY NOTHING!
I'm that confident you'll you'll get massive value from them, that you will be more than happy with the investment you have made Does that make it a no brainer? When the course finds you one more client (which it will) the course will have paid for itself When the course helps you build your database with 1000s of new prospects the course will have paid for itself When the course helps you fill your events/seminars/workshops with 100s of prospects the course will have paid for itself When the course saves you hours of work not knowing what you should be focussing. The course will pay for itself Sign up now at www.anzicoaching.com/shop and click digital products The offer of the 30 minute
consultation is only open to
those that sign up in the next
24 hours Questions ? 1 - http://www.anzicoaching.com/shop
2 - Click Digital Products
3 - Select 1, 2, 3,or all modules product
4 - Add to shopping cart and pay
5 - Get ready to achieve huge results with social media marketing Average coaching event On average the actual number within target market that attends (therefore has a reasonable propensity to convert to client under the right conditions) = 17 attendees = 24% (therefore the average number of attendees to a coaching event that are within the coaches target market is just 4.08) This means you need a 25% conversion rate just to sign one client Exclusive price Standard price
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