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Say N O to school uniforms

Yulissa Correa

on 16 November 2011

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school uniforms? ...................... I THINK NOT!! In my opinion,
having school uniforms
would be lack of freedom to students. why the unifom? i think adults are worried that students get picked on for clothing, yes this happens but even if there were to be uniforms kids would get picked on by other things. what do YOU think about uniforms? yes... or... NO
(shout out) do adults think uniforms would stop bullying? kids get picked on for SEVERAL different things, not just attire. what if someones doesnt fit? the bullying will continue, thats why it is better if we just get out own clothing in the first place. Another reason uniforms would be a bad idea
is because through out the year someones body can change
and the uniform wont fit,
also families wouldnt want to pay more for another uniform.
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