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Executive MBA

Anastazja Rewucka

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of ExecutiveMBA@UW

Executive MBA at The University of Warsaw

Executive MBA at the University of Warsaw
Great Universities as Partners;
Faculty from leading global Schools:
Professors from the University of Illinois, University of Cambridge, Boston College, Central European University in Budapest
Graduates of: Harvard, Oxford, MIT and LBS.
Recognized in Rankings Internationally and in Poland;
Internationally Recognized Program
Degree issued by the University of Warsaw

What makes our Program special?
Class Setup
Q4 – Class Setup

They are graduates of WIEMBA
How to choose
the right MBA
in 7 steps?
International Partner Program
№ 1
Internationally recognized Program
№ 2
to Meet
№ 3
№ 4
Class Setup
№ 5
Fun !!!

№ 6
Price ???
№ 7
Q1 - Partner and Degree
Executive MBA at the University of Warsaw:
Perspektywy # 1

University of Illinois:
Wall Street Journal # 14
Business Week #39
Q1 - Partner

Strategic & International Perspectives:
Sustainability/ ethics
Faculty coming from leading universities

Academic rigor relevant for Executive Education

Merge of innovative & classical learning processes
Prof. Krzysztof Obłój

Cooperation with PwC

International Faculty

Study Tours (Illinois and Developing Country)

Participants and Graduates Networking

Unique integration process within every Cohort

Social Media as subject and tool during the Program
Topic discussed in every course

Work / life balance as a part of Program setup

Q2&3 – Curriculum and faculty
Core principles of our EMBA
Q2&3 – Curriculum and faculty
I semester – Foundations

Q2&3 – Curriculum and faculty
II semester - Tools
Q2&3 – Curriculum and faculty
Orientation Session - Team Builders International

Business Negotiations - Prof. Robert Rządca (UW)

The Economic Environment - Prof. Nigel Allington (Cambridge)

Marketing - Prof. Kent Monroe

Managerial Perspectives in Financial Accounting- Prof. Jan Turyna (UW / Harvard)

Legal Aspects of Managerial Decisions - Dr. E. Sage (UW / Oxford)

Statistics for Managerial Decision Making - Prof. Sue Cohen (UoI)

Economics of the Firm - Prof. Hadi Esfahani (UoI)

Operations Management - Prof. Nick Petruzzi (UoI)

Quantitative Analysis for Decisions - Prof. Gopesh Anand (UoI)

Managerial Accounting – Dr. Adam Chmielewski (UW)
Foundations of Behavioral Science – Prof. Mike Pratt (Boston College)
Strategic Innovations
Finance -
dr Mieczyslaw Grudzinski (UW)
Innovative Strategies
International Business – Prof. Yusaf Akbar (CEU)
Consulting Project – Team
of Tutors
Strategic Simulation
dr T. Ludwicki
Strategic Management – Prof. Krzysztof Obłój (UW)
Study Tour
in the US
Study Tour in
Emerging Economies
Start: September; End: December (next year)

Orientation (Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska)

Two sessions per month – Friday and Saturday (8.30-16.30 + Teamwork)

7 week sessions – Monday-Saturday (Oct, Nov., Mar., May, June and July and Oct./Nov.)

Study Tours (Illinois and India).

Study Tours
Air-fare, accommodation, logistics (group), breakfasts, lunches and official dinners included.

In addition we provide professors, facilities for classes and company, cultural tours.

Participation in tours is obligatory and graded.

Medical insurance is not included in the tuition and you are obliged to cover the costs.

We have no responsibility if you fail to meet formal requirements to receive visas. However in this case make-up exam will be arranged.
Our Facilities
Modernizes and upgraded facilities

2 classrooms, chill-out room, 5 break-out rooms,

WiFi Internet Access;

Internet access to electronic resources (full text databases of articles and reports);

Dedicated and Distance Learning Systems;

We are dedicated to the MBA Program !!!
The Best Consulting Project - $ 1o k

The Best Marketing Paper – $ 2 k

The Best Strategy Paper – 12 k PLN

Extramural Activities
Q5 – Fun
Soccer and Volleyball Team

Alumni Association


Head Hunters Presentations

Parties… and so on.

Q5 – Networking
Alumni Association – Distinguished Speakers
Tadeusz Mazowiecki
Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz
Prof. Władysław Bartoszewski
Prof. Zyta Gilowska
Marek Kamiński
Wojciech Kostrzewa – CEO ITI
Janina Paradowska
O. Maciej Zięba
Piotr Tymochowicz
21st Cohort – Statistics
Age: On the Average 36 yrs.
Education by Institution
Education by Major
Participants by positions
(60% at the Top Mgt / Director)
Participants by Industry
Participants by Location
Application Process
How to apply?
How to Apply?
Download and fill in forms from the website

Prepare diplomas and transcripts

Ask for 2 reference letters

Pay the application fee
Application deadline: Sept., 6th

Written exams: Sept. 7th

Maths & logical thinking
English exam

Interviews: Sept. 7th and 10th

Decision dates: Sept., 10th
Tuition fee is $28 500 (effective 22nd edition)

Paid in three installments: $10 000, $10 000 and $8500

Tuition covers:
Classes and class handouts, required textbooks & articles, costs of computer simulation, costs of orientation,(costs of study tours)

Company or alumni reference based discounts apply
Happy ending...
They’re graduates of

Ariusz Bober –
Vice President Elektrobudowa S.A.
Grzegorz Borowiec – Supervisory Board
Member PKN Orlen S.A

Tomasz Dalach – former CEO Gruper.pl
Przemysław Dąbrowski - Vice President PZU S.A.

Bartosz Drabikowski – Mgt Board Member PKO BP S.A.
Rafał Dudziński – Vice-President , PGNiG S.A
Mariusza Gaca -
President PTK Centertel (Orange brand)
Janusz Górski – President Schenker S.A.
Szymon Gutkowski –
MD DDB, Advisor to Bronisław Komorowski
Przemysław Powalacz -President Sanitec-Koło
Arkadiusz Sikora – Sales Director CEE SAP A.G.
Prof. Konrad Świrski - President Transition Technologies S.A.
Dariusz Zaręba Vice-President Dajar Sp. z o.o.
Krzysztof Żarnotal - President PWPW S.A.
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