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The London Sewers (Elizabethan Era)

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Kat Lageyevsky

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of The London Sewers (Elizabethan Era)

The Black Plague
Claimed about a third of Elizabethan London's population.
It first was transmitted from animals but could then become air bound and be transmitted from an infected person's breath.
Symptoms: large sores that bled and then turned black
killed in 4-7 days
Water was a big problem.
Most people got their water from the public fountain, which was always dirty.
All the water came from the Thames river.
Sewage and waste filled the river and made the water extremely dirty. At the time, filtering and water cleansing were unheard of.
Because of the lack of drainage, the river frequently overflowed.
Sanitation was incredibly horrible.
No sewage systems.
Most people did not bathe regularly.
Everybody was always either drunk or throwing up.
Nobody took care of the city and threw all their trash around which later caused a big problem (the Black Plague).
The city was severely overcrowded.
The streets were extremely narrow, cobbled, and always slippery. They were also usually smelly, muddy, and rat infested.
Chamber pots(their toilets) were emptied out of windows.
Unlike today, there was no drainage/sewer system.
Elizabethan London
The Elizabethan Era was a period of time from 1558-1603 where Queen Elizabeth I was in power. Historian's refer to the era as "the golden age" but at the time, the city of London was anything but.
The City of London
(Elizabethan Era)

The City of London
(Elizabethan Era)

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