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Justin locker

No description

Ms. Davis

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Justin locker

Justin locker
Age: teenage girl


Job: football kicker
Who is Cecily Mohamed?
What are my goals?

.To be a better wide reciver

.To be an AAU or advanced Travel Football Player.

.To get straight A´s in school every year.
What is Cecily´s biggest accomplishment?

Being a football kicker.
She inspires me by her leadership and how she shows she does not give up,even if she is a girl and the other peoplein the the leauge don´t think girls are that good.She can proove them wrong.
Why does she inspire me?
Why did I pick her?
I picked he beacuse she shows to never give up,and that is a great influance.
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