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primadia harmastuti

on 24 November 2013

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Nexcom has now grown into a Total Radio Telecommunications and IT solution provider. As the largest trunked radio operator in Indonesia, Nexcom has been involved in the planning, building and maintenance of dedicated trunked radio system in partnership with companies such as PT. Freeport Indonesia, PT PHE ONWJ, BP Berau Ltd., PT. PGN (Persero) Tbk, Star Energy Group, Kangean Energy Ltd., and other multinational companies.

Human Resources Department
Human Resource Development Cycle

1. Business Stages
2. Job Competencies
3. Hiring Process
4. Learning and Development
5. Performance Assessment
6. Continued Learning and Training
7.Total Rewards

Personal Results
Gaining Experience
Theory Implementation
Improving Skill or Technical Knowledge
Better self Understanding and Development

Internship improves my confidence and encountered my own strength and weakness. In personal attitude’s point of view, internship gives a significant impact to my personality and maturity regarding on how to deal problems in actual field that require responsibility and ability to socialize in environment.

Dita Widia Pratiwi

Company’s Vision and Mission
Being a provider of telecommunication services which reliable and trustworthy, supported by information technology products that always put superior quality.
Providing excellent service quality and customer-oriented to fulfil every needs of information technology products and telecommunications network, especially trunking radio telecommunications network.

Organization Chart
Internship Activities
Update daily Account Receivable Receiving Report
Arrange bank receipt voucher journal
Make aging-schedule of Account Receivable
Prepare reminding letters and warning letters
Input Account Receivable transaction into ACCPAC accounting software

Finance and Accounting Department
Product and Services
Radio and Tower Infrastructure

Internet Service Provider
Fiber Optics
Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
Solar Cell System
Challenges / Problems / Solutions
Misstatement Errors
Processing Data through ACCPAC Accounting Software
Asking the Payment for Customer’s Bills
Personal Evaluation
As an Accounting student that has involved especially in Finance and Accounting Department, the student are able to see on how a company maintain their financial to obtain a certain goals.
I learned more deeply about accounting cycle in company and implement it in real works.
Regardless of what teams I was assigned and learn about how to deal with stress because of over-loaded work, time management and its respective deadline, the way to create an effective communication in presentation, professionalism and leadership.

Points Learned

Daily Activities in Human Resources Department
Arrange insurance documents
Prepare Time-Sheet Report for Payroll
Hiring new employee
Input Personal Information into ERP Database System
Update Stationary for General Affairs

Recommendation for University
Recommendation for Company
Recommendation for Student

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