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NSO Summer 2013

trial presentation for NSO

Jennifer Conn

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of NSO Summer 2013

Welcome to UNM
University Advisement Center! What is Advisement? As an advisor I am here to help you navigate the University... ...help guide you toward graduation in the most efficient way. YOUR job is to implement that guidance and take control of your future! Introduction to Academic Advisement
Review of class placement
Understand the core curriculum
Learning how to search for classes
Make a class schedule Things you need to know: - Classes begin and end in one semester.
- Classes are typically 3 credit hours and meet 3 times a week.
- You need to register for 16 credits a semester.
- An academic year is Fall, Spring and Summer.
- You need at least 16 credit hours a semester to graduate in 4 years. CLASS PLACEMENT English - based on highest score Math - based on most recent scores Reading - based on ACT Reading and Science scores
- based on combined SAT Advisement Resources:
UAC Website - uac.unm.edu
Day Planner
Online Catalog - catalog.unm.edu
LoboWeb - my.unm.edu
FAC website - freshman.unm.edu
Google Search Assignment:
1. Get with a partner.
2. You will be assigned a question.
3. Be prepared to share how you found your answer! PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE! Things to consider:
Are you a night owl or an early bird?
Keep work schedule to 25 hours or less.
How many classes can you handle?
What classes do you need for your major?
Fulltime student is a fulltime job!
What other responsibilities do you have?
Balance your schedule
Take an FAC!
What is your course placement?
Waitlist! Build your schedule! 1. Start with an FAC!
2. Find IS courses (if needed).
3. Find classes from core. Responsibilities https://my.unm.edu/cp/home/displaylogin Language Placement Spanish, German and French all require placement tests. There are several languages to choose from to meet your core language requirement, including American Sign Language. Challenge your placement! COMPASS Test
Can only take it once
Costs $3 Lobo Reading Experience
http://www.unm.edu/~lre/ HOLD ON A SEC! You will have an advisement hold every semester you are in UC.

Other types of holds:
Departmental http://advisement.unm.edu
Click on "Current Student"
Click on "Freshman"
Scroll to the bottom of the page for survey link Students are responsible for:
Seeing an advisor every semester.
Understanding placement, core curriculum and pre-requisites.
Understanding financial aid and scholarship requirements.
Understanding how to be in good academic standing. Raise your hand when you have two DIFFERENT schedules that have at least 12 credits! Please tell your advisor if you are bringing in AP, IB or Dual credit! The 37 credit hours of core are courses in 7 areas of study:
1. Writing & Speaking
2. Mathematics
3. Physical & Natural Sciences
4. Social and Behavioral Sciences
5. Humanities
6. Foreign Language
7. Fine Arts

Individual majors and colleges may require specific courses among the core choices. What you know... What you need to know... ...to succeed and reach Introductory Studies (IS) Courses:
Teach Fundamentals
Must be taken in your first semester
If you need all three IS courses, only register for two at a time: Math and Reading in fall semester; English in the spring semester.
Courses are Credit(CR )/No Credit (NCR)
Count for lottery purposes even though no hours are earned on the transcript If you are required to take an IS course, there is a specific listing of courses you need to follow. Sometimes you need to build a bridge...
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