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Two Franks - Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright

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Sarah Bull

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Two Franks - Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright

Two Franks Architects Use
Art Elements Frank Lloyd Wright Let's Learn About the Two Franks! Notice the Horizontal lines Fallingwater House Guggenheim Museum Inside the Guggenheim.
Skylight in the ceiling. Wright's Works Inside the Guggenheim
Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Owen Gehry Architects are like artists who
design buildings. Two famous
architects were Frank Lloyd
Wright and Frank Gehry. 1. Line
2. Shape
3. Color
4. Form
5. Texture
6. Space Wright built chapels, a school, houses,
office buildings, and skyscrapers but his
favorite art was "Prairie Style" houses. Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Owen Gehry Taliesinpan West Price Tower
Bartlesville, OK Gammage Auditorium limestone rock texture Colors blend in with nature. Built over waterfall.
Blends in with nature. Horizontal lines. Colors blend with nature. One of Wright's last buildings. The Guggenheim
Museum in New York is spiral in shape and it is
made of concrete. It has a rough exterior. Circular patterns Circular with natural color Beth Sholom Temple This one is different. How?
Lines are horizontal, but angled. color is similar to other works. This is vertical and horizontal. Color blends with nature. This has horizontal and
curved lines. Color blends
with background. Texture is rough. Born Frank Owen Goldberg, February 28, 1929. Is a Canadian-American Prize-winning archetect based in Los Angeles. Guggenheim Museum in
Bilbao, Spain Building is smooth. Made of Titanium. Lines are angled, vertical, horizontal and curved. Color blends with water and sky. Circular. Same light color. New World Modern Arch Does this look like Frank Lloyd Wright or Frank Gehry? Extreme curves, smooth,
does not fit
in with nature. Gehry Furniture Gehry Loved Curves
and angles. Starchitect Looks like it's falling down. Frank Gehry's House
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