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Chapter 3 Discovering Self-Motivation

No description

Hailey Workman

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 3 Discovering Self-Motivation

Chapter 3: Discovering Self-Motivation
Value is when you have something or someone that you care about.
Life Plan
The formula for motivation: V x E = M. V stands for value, E stands for expectations, and M stands for motivation
Motivation happens when you have someone or something inspiring you.
There are exactly 5 qualities known as "DAPPS".
Discovering Your Dreams
Dreams fuel your inner fire. They give purpose, and motivation even in the toughest of times.

What is the difference between a goal and a dream?
Goals usually fit into your life plan, like a stepping stone helping you along the way.
Dreams on the other hand are on a much grander scale and take on a entire life of their own. They not only motivate you to keep going the inspire others .
Expectations are determined by how much you believe in yourself, determination and weighing your abilities against your the difficulty of achieving your goal.
What do you expect of yourself?

What are your goals, hope and dreams?

How do you achieve those goals?
Things that can motivate you:
Your family
Your friends
Your pets
Your teachers
How to Determine Your Expectations
Examples of Value:
value family
value friends
value money
value time
value education
How To Set A
Dated: is when you have goals that have specific deadlines.
Achievable: are motivating goals that are challenging but can be reasonable.
Personal: is when you have goals for yourself.
Positive: making goals to focus your energy on what you do want rather than what you don't want.
Specific: goals that are measured.

Committing to Your Goals and Dreams
A commitment is an unbending intention, a single-mindedness of purpose that promises to overcome all obstacles, regardless of how you may feel at any particular moment.
It's easy to get off course when working towards a dream when obstacles in life get in the way. Accomplishing dreams takes doesn't happen over night so it's important to have short term "stepping stone" goals to get you to your long term dreams.
How to visualize your ideal future:
1. Relax
2. Use Present Tense
3. Use All Five Senses
4. Feel The Feelings
Believing In Yourself
Personal Affirmation
Living Your Affirmation

Repeat: Repeating your affirmations helps you to strengthen the personal qualities you have chosen.
Dispute: Disputing your inner critic helps you realize you already possess the qualities you desire
Align Your Words And Deeds: Be what you affirm. In doing so you are making a choice to be what you're claiming.
Choosing between listening to your Inner Critic or your Inner Creator.

Taking Notes
Concept Map
Cornell Study Sheet Example
Informal Outline Example
Cornell Study Sheet
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