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Chapter 4: The Gospel of Mark

No description

Kelsie Bordelon

on 3 November 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 4: The Gospel of Mark

Chapter 4: The Gospel of Mark
As we study Mark, we need to be aware of perspective
Faith Perspective
1.) Ours
2.) People during Jesus' time

Sec 2: Background on Mark

Author: John Mark
Audience: Persecuted Christians
Between 65-70 AD
Persecuted under Emperor Nero
To encourage Christians not to lose hope
1st written, 2nd in NT
The Messianic Secret
Mark 8:29-30
Why would Jesus keep his identity a secret??
Jesus is inviting us to to believe His word because of WHO He is rather than WHAT He does
Two big questions:
1.) Who is this person?
2.) Will you follow Him?
Why Him?
How was Jesus perceived?
Lunatic and traitor
Why are these verses a big deal (significant for the Jews claim)? Discuss in your pods
Mark 2:1-12
Mark 2:13-17
Mark 2:27
Mark 3:1-5
Sec 3 -Mark's Gospel Reveals Jesus
Jesus as "Suffering Servant"
The Joy of Suffering?
What's your perspective?
Emphasize that Christ can bring good out of our suffering

What cards have you been dealt?
Jesus as "Suffering Servant"
Jesus as "Professor"
Teaching with authority
1.) Mark 1:16-20 - Jesus calls the disciples
2.) Mark 4:26-29 - parables! What's different?
Jesus as "Healer"
Two necessary elements:
1.) Why does the miracle come after faith?
2.) Dynamis = "power"
Redemptive Suffering
Redemptive Suffering
Suffering Servant Reflection:
Pray with various chapters of Mark. Write down an encouraging verse within the context of suffering. The ones below may give you a good start, but you can use any verse that fits:
Mark 8:34
Mark 9:35
Mark 9:23
Mark 3:35
Your paper should have the bible verse, something you're offering for them, and an encouraging note/prayer for your buddy.
Between now and test day, slip your paper into your buddy's locker. Pray for them each day. On test day we will reveal who your buddy is.
The Way of Discipleship
Through good times and bad.....
Christ continues to emphasize service, but his disciples still didn't understand...
To be a disciple, we must be prepared to suffer as Christ suffered and to follow in his footsteps
What does this message mean for our modern times?
Praying for one another
It's important to remember that we do not suffer alone and that Christ is always with us
Prayer partners for exams!
Sec 5 -The Paschal Mystery
Pod Share
1.) What's your biggest pet peeve?
2.) How does your pet peeve affect you?
3.) Have you ever thought of your pet peeve as a gift?
Paschal Mystery
What is it?
Christ's Passion, Death, Resurrection, Ascension
What does Christ teach us about suffering?
Suffering - hope - redemption
Passion Reflection Activity
Mark 15
The End
Abrupt ending to a dramatic Gospel? Why?
Death does not have the final say...
Perspective of Mark's Gospel
The Suffering Servant
Emphasizes that Jesus promises to bring good out of suffering
Bibles not internet!
video: "Cards"
1. Why did Jasmine keep her identity a secret?
3. Do you think Aladdin would've treated Jasmine different? Why or why not?
Section 1: Faith Perspective
Bell work!
Open your bibles to Galatians 6:1-10 (In New Testament).
Highlight this verse.
Read over it and circle or underline any words or phrases that stick out to you.
On google doc, explain why these words/phrases stuck out to you.
If no prayer, service, will use this verse for prayer - keep bible open
Check point!!!!
1.) What is the symbol of Mark's gospel? Why?
2.) Who was Mark's gospel written for?
3.) Who was John Mark (besides author of this gospel)?
1 Bonus point!
Wants to help us understand the reality behind the mystery
Focuses on identity
Cards Reflection!
1.) Think about your cards...what do you see?
2.) What would happen if you took one out?
3.) Do you only show the pretty cards?
4.) What if God were to choose the cards?
The Beginning
How does Mark begin his gospel?
Mark 1:1-11
Check point!!!!
How you doin'?
1.) How does Jesus change our perspective on suffering?
2.) Why is the Suffering Servant fitting for Mark's audience?
3.) Why did Jesus keep his identity secret?
4.) How does Jesus demonstrate authority over healings?
Why is it so easy to remember what doesn't really matter, but it's so difficult to remember what's most important for our salvation?
Bell work!
Open your bibles to Proverbs 3:1-12
Highlight this passage
Circle or underline any words or phrases that stick out to you
On your google doc, answer why these stuck out to you
Old Testament
Jesus heals the paralytic Mark 2:1-12
Bell work!
In a new Google document entitled Catholic fun facts, research a fact about Catholicism to share with the class.
Here is a fact about Catholicism:
All the liturgical vestments have a meaning. That’s why the chasuble, which symbolizes love, goes over the stole, which symbolizes authority. “Over all these, put on love.”
Copy down fact!
Bell work!
In An Emergency, Anyone Can Baptize – Although the ordinary ministers of Baptism are bishops, priests and deacons, anyone can baptize in an emergency, even a non-baptized person. This extraordinary decision can be attributed to the necessity of Baptism for salvation and the Church’s desire to make it readily available to all.
Fun fact about Catholicism:
In google document entitled Catholic Fun Facts, write down the above fact and then find another interesting fact about Catholicism to share with the class
Don't share until I say so!
Think about your own life. What is a dying or rising that you have experienced today, this week, this year? Reflect on that experience in light of the event of Jesus Christ's passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension.
Bell work!
Catholics get their throats blessed every year on the Feast of St. Blaise (February 2) because he miraculously cured a young boy who was choking on a fish bone.
Copy down on doc
Find a fact about a saint or Catholic celebration to share with the class
2nd Quarter Bell Ringer Module
2. Why do you think Jasmine didn't tell Aladdin who she was?
Isaiah 40:3
Perspective of Mark's Gospel
Mark 10:45
Isaiah 53
Mark 8:31
Bell Ringer
Go to Canvas
Bell Ringer Module
Jesus came to a world of rebellious people who rejected him and out of great love he died for them. The fact is, he died for us too. He took the punishment for sin that we deserved. He bore our griefs, pains, and sorrows so that we wouldn’t have to. Please take your cross and fill it in with the sins you have not yet confessed to God. No one will see your sins. When your cross is finished, please come up and shred your sins.
Canvas Reflection: Isaiah 53
Bell Ringer
Bell Ringer Module
What does the word "redemptive" mean?
How does Jesus "transform" suffering?
Suffering is a personal invitation from our Lord to enter into His passion & crucifixion.
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