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TEDTalk: What it takes to be a great leader Roselinde Torres

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Alicia Sage

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of TEDTalk: What it takes to be a great leader Roselinde Torres

What makes a
great leader today?
Image of a "superhero" - stands, comands, protects followers.
However, this is outdated, it's an image from another time.
A study...
Torres conducted a study of 4000 companies to measure their effectivness in leadership. Even with corporate training programs, off-sites and coaching, 58% failed to grow great leaders. She found they had major talent gaps in leadership roles.
3 types of people
1. Chris- high potential supersta leader, moves to a new unit...fails.
2. Sydney- CEO frustrated because company is cited "Best Company for Leaders" but only one staff is equiped to lead.
3. Senior leadership team- surprised by a market shift, forced to downsize or shut down.
Why is the leadership gap widening?

What are successful leaders doing?

South Africa
Torres went to South Africa to study leadership. She studies the famous Nelson Mandela and how non-profit leaders with low finacial reasources we making a huge impact on the world.
3 questions...
1. Where are you looking to ancicipate change?
2. What is the diversity measure in your network?
3. Are you courageous enough to abandon the past?

Torres noticed a disturbing trend in leadership preperation. Despite all the efforts, she was hearing farmilar stories about individuals.
Came home...
Torres came back to work and discussed her findings with co-workers. She explains how relying on traditional development practices will stunt your growth as a leader.
TEDTalk: What it takes to be a great leader By: Roselinde Torres
"...They are women and men who are preparing themselves not for the comfortable predictability of yestreday but also for the realities of today and all those unkown possibilities of tomorrow."
-Rosalinde Torres
What makes a great leader
in the 21st century?
The Human Knot

1. Stand in a circle, put your right arm in, grab somebody's had that is not beside you
2. Do the same with the left arm
3. Untagle!

Congragulations! During that activity you may have all acted as a leader at one point or another. You were able to trust eachother and work through the task at hand. Great job, 21st century leaders! :)
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