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final copy

tina wang

on 20 April 2010

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Tina Wang Paris Christodoulidis Jeremy Wong Nick Simons Chris Mengay Claudia Monroy SWOT Strengths
Global Footprint
Brand Awareness
Diversified Products
Operating Income
Number One Food Products Weaknesses
Cereal Nutrition
Selection of Organics
Juicy Juice False Advertising

Opportunities Target Healthy Consumers
Open more Nestle Cafes
Offer Luxury Brand
Toll Hourse Scare
Pet Food Recall
Rise in Dairy Prices
Private Labels
Smaller Water Brands Evan Zuckerman Better Brand Image Increase Customer Communication Improve Workforce Results and Analysis 7252 Renovated Products Glowelle Lower Net Profits 9.55 Billion as apposed to 16.6 Billion in 2008 Reduced Expenses on Impairments Reduced on PPE by 50% Factories Built and Closed 16 unprofitable factories closed
9 new ones were built Supply Chain Strategic Analysis "Managing the Business and Winning the Marketplace" Continue Global Dominance
Keep up with Current Trends More Healthy Recommendation
Balanced Scorecard And now a word from our sponsor... More Environmentally Friendly
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