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Joe Moulton & Austin Pfister

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Joe Moulton & Austin Pfister

Joe Moulton & Austin Pfister
medal of honor retrieval reason.
what i think of Hershel Williams
Hershel Williams is obviously a great man and his patriotism and courage is self evident.not to mention his kindness.i think Hershel Williams is a true american. he has showed his respect to the country for not only serving the army, he also help save the country by taking out seven kill box's. if i can met Hershel Williams i would thank him for every thing he done.
our sources
google images.com
fun facts about Hershel Williams
Sgt. Hershel Williams was born in fairmont,west virginia.nicknamed "woody" and ranked "chief officer 4" this man was awarded the medal of honor after an amazing feat. in the iwo jima war.
Hershel Williams fought in 2 wars.he fought in the Iwo Jima war and world war 2.he received his medal of honor because of his feat.in iwo jima.he took out 7 kill boxes in just under 45 minutes with a flamethrower.this is a very risky feat.and he could've easily died.
purple heart
he also recieved a "purple heart" reward becuase of a major injury he experienced while fighting in world war 2.it is amazing that this man is still alive today at the age of 89 years old.
Hershel Williams was a great citizen who was very honored by everybody and he showed lots of honor to his city town country state and all of his fellow americans.he more than served his part by joining the military,not to mention the 2 wars he fought in and all of the amazing feats.he preformed in them.it took a lot of courage to go and do something that he easily couldve died in.hershel williams is clearly a very patriotic and courageous man within himself.
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