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One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

No description

Madeline Chandler

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

genre: realistic fiction One for the Murphys
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt Publication This book was published by Scholastic, Inc. in 2012. Lynda Mullaly Hunt Lynda Mullaly Hunt was born in the late sixties. She wasn't very girly as a child. She enjoyed doing tom-boyish activities. As a kid, she also enjoyed writing. She attended Conard High School and lived in West Hartford, Connecticut. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with two degrees. After college, she became a teacher. When her daughter was born she quit teaching. One for the Murphys is her first book. She says that it makes her nuts not to write. Setting When Carley is placed in foster care, she is moved into the Murphy family's house. They live in Connecticut. Their home is very tidy and neat. It is like nothing Carley had ever lived in before. This story also takes place at Carley's school and Toni's house but the main setting is the Murphy home. This story is set during the modern day. Carley Connors Carley is a primary character in this story. She is both a protagonist and an antagonist because she has conflict with herself. She is twelve years old and in middle school. She grew up in Las Vegas with her mother. They didn't have a lot of money and she wasn't used to being spoiled. This is why she isn't used to the environment at the Murphy house. Mrs. Murphy Mrs. Murphy is a primary character in this story. She is a loving mother to her three boys: Daniel, Adam, and Michael Eric. She is neither a protagonist nor an antagonist. At first, Carley isn't sure if she likes her or not. Mrs. Murphy cries a lot and this is unusual to Carley because she was taught that crying is a sign of weakness. Daniel Daniel is a supporting character in this story. He is one of Mrs. Murphy's sons. At first, Carley and Daniel don't like each other. He was an antagonist at the beginning. Later on, they grow to like each other. Adam Adam is a supporting character in this story. He is one of Mrs. Murphy's sons. He is neither an antagonist nor a protagonist. Michael Eric Michael Eric is a supporting character in this story. He is Mrs. Murphy's youngest son. He is Carley's favorite. He likes to play superheros with Carley. He is neither an antagonist nor a protagonist. Carley's Mom Carley's mom is a supporting character in this story. Carley isn't sure how to feel about her throughout the book. Carley's mom and her husband, Dennis, abused Carley one night. That's how she ended up in foster care. She is an antagonist but at the end of the book, she becomes a protagonist. Dennis Dennis is Carley's stepfather, Carley's mom's husband. He is a supporting character. He abuses both Carley and her mother. This makes him an antagonist. Carley never liked him. Toni Toni is a supporting character. At first, Carley doesn't like her. She was very mean to her. They later become friends when they have to work on a project together. Toni is an antagonist at the beginning but later becomes neither a protagonist nor an antagonist. Mr. Murphy Mr. Murphy is a supporting character. He is Mrs. Murphy's husband. He is a fan of the Boston Red Sox. He is a firefighter. he is neither a protagonist nor an antagonist. Conflicts The man vs. man conflict in this story is between Toni and Carley. They do not like each other. They have conflict when they are assigned a project together.
There is no man vs. nature conflict so I am replacing it with a man vs. man conflict. Daniel and Carley don't get along well at the beginning of the story. Daniel doesn't like the fact that Carley is staying at his house and getting attention form his mother. Conflicts cont. The man vs. self conflict in this story is between Carley and herself. She isn't sure who she should trust or what decisions she should make. She doesn't know whether she wants to stay with the Murphys or live with her mother.
There is no man vs. society conflict in this book so i replaced it with a man vs. man conflict. When Carley goes to visit her mother, they end up in a fight. Carley's mother is angry at Carley because she is living a better life than she can supply at the Murphy's home. Climax The climax of this story is when Carley visits her mother after she has stayed at the Murphy's house for a couple of weeks. Carley is unsure about how her mother will act towards her and is nervous about talking to her. Theme The theme of this story is that you can emerge from any situation and become successful. You can even become someone's hero during the process. Recommendation/ Evaluation I predicted this book would be about a girl who ends up in foster care and she grows to love the family that took her in. Carley Connors is the main character in this book. The setting is the Murphy's home in Connecticut during the present day. The message I think the author is trying to get across is that you should try to be someone's hero. Carley Connors is in foster care. She is taken in by the loving Murphy family but is having trouble adjusting to their lifestyle. Recommendation/ Evaluation This book ended differently than I thought it would. I made a connection with Carley because she is in middle school and is twelve just like me. If I were the author I wouldn't change anything about this book.
I did think that this was a good book. This book does meet my standards for fictional books. My criteria is based on two questions: Could I relate to any of the characters? Was this a well-written book with a good storyline? I answered yes to both of these questions. I would recommend this book to people around the ages of 10-14, mostly girls. I think girls of that age can relate to some of the situations. I would love to read more books by this author because this was a very heart-warming story. "One for the Murphys" is a great story that middle school girls will enjoy. Works Cited Page Lynda Mullaly Hunt. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 May 2013. <http://www.lyndamullalyhunt.com/bio.php>.
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