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The Age of Exploration

No description

R Rosso

on 3 November 2017

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Transcript of The Age of Exploration

The Age of Exploration
Western European Monarchs
1212 Imperialism Way
Portugal and Spain, EU

The 'New World'
1010 'Asia' Avenue, Apartment # We Were Already Here
"Spice Islands"
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
The Search for Spices
Europe had been trading with East Asia through the Mediterranean Sea

Portugal and Spain became rivals and were the first to seek alternate routes

With population growing, most valued items were spices- why?

Preserve food, add flavor to dry meat, and to make medicines and perfumes

The Moluccas (Indonesia) 'The Spice Islands'

Portuguese were the first exploration giant

Henry the Navigator
first explored and mapped the western coast of Africa

Vasco da Gama
established the first European trade sea route to India using this route

To compete with Portugal, Spanish Queen Isabella hired
Christopher Columbus

Purpose: Conquest and exploitation to make Spain rich, using religion as a rationale

North America

Why do we remember Columbus? 1st lasting European contact with the Americas

Juan Ponce de Leon
- 1513 Florida, claimed for Spain- First European to set foot on continental United States since Vikings

Food production-
Lead to larger populations & more exposure to diseases; Eventual immunity

Political organization-
Organized governments are able to mobilize resources

Making information available, motivating and guiding explorers, and providing documentation

Advancements in technology-
Weaponry and transportation
Hemispheres Colliding
Read p. 415 'Europeans in the New World' through p.421, excluding p. 419

Quiz in 2 classes...

Thursday/Monday (26th and 30th) on today, next class, and assigned reading
Today's Question: How Should History View Columbus?
Columbus vs. Casas

Teach the Following...
- Context of your Primary Source
of the most important takeaways from the passage, with textual evidence to support

Discuss the Following...
1. Do you think Columbus would have approved of the changes that occurred in Hispanola?
2. Should we keep Columbus Day as a National Holiday?
3. How did the relationship between the Spanish and the natives change over time, and how were the Spanish successful in exploiting the natives?

Why did the Europeans end up conquering the Americas, instead of the Americas conquering Europe?
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