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Rebellious Minds Apparel

BA 410

johnika moss

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Rebellious Minds Apparel

Mission Statement
Company Description
Target Market
Target Cities
Johnika Moss,
Jason Moody, Shawnell Brown, Artrice Campbell, Calvib Darville, and Ashley Young

Rebellious Minds Apparel
Urban based clothing company
Specialized in American apparel for both men and women
We not only limit ourselves to everyday wear but also seasonal wear
Our goal is to provide young men and women with quality and affordable clothing, apparel and accessories that represent their needs. Our products aim to help girls and boys age range from 16-25 years old
Forever 21
Market Plan
Product Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Promotion Strategy

Tallahassee FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Miami FL, and Atlanta GA.
Why South Florida
Young Adults
Benchmark Company
Local Competitors
Home Country
United States
Rebellious Minds Apparel
Price Strategy
Offering low price initial with 100RMB-160RMB
Increase the price from 120RMB-180RMB
Downtown Shanghai
Heavyfoot traffic from both tourists and natives
Large population increase the brand exposure
Magazines and internet
Chinese social work "Ren Ren"
Official web
we are apart of the apparel stores industry
we are a wholesale company and a retail company

Most students that attend school at FAMU are from South Florida.
In South Florida fashion is a big part of their culture
They are very diverse in Southern Florida so they have many different types of fashion to display.
Why Atlanta and Tally ?
Atlanta is turning into a smaller version of new york for clothes.
ATL also has many different colleges that reach our target market.
Tally is a college town that is perfect for young adults.
Tally also has two different feels they have an HBCU for our urban clothing section and they people that like to express their selves through fashion with our mix and match section.
Tally aslo has a PWI where they lean towards the American style clothing.
young adults 16-25
both male and female
entry-level jobs making less then 50,000 a year
American Eagle Outfitters
Founded in 1977 by brothers, Jerry & Mark Silverman
founded 1987 by R.H Macy and Co.
The 4 P's of Marketing
Our product is American and urban style clothing
We have high fashion that you can mix and match and American style fashion that you can use as everyday wear.
male shirts range from about $10.99 to about $20.99
female dresses range from about $13.99 to 17.99
male hats range from about $20.99 to 24.99
Female shirts range from $7.99 to about $18.00
shoe prices for males and females are in the same range from about 10.99 to 15.99

Atlanta is a major city in the heart of downtown
Tallahasse is a college town that has a target market
South Florida has a culture feel

We promote different sells each month
We present different and great holiday sales
40% off sales on redlines every two months
With clearance sales you can't beat
1. social media

2. unique designs

3, affordable price
1.Behavior of employees

2. Inventory

3. People Have different taste

1. online store

2. expanison into a potential market

3. recognition
1. downturn in the economy

2. theft

3, threats from the union
Our Start-Up Company
what we do
We are a urban and casual American brand clothing store.
We are not only limited to clothing, we provide apparel and accessories for everyday wear as well as seasonal wear.
President: Johnika Moss

Vice President : Jason Moody

Market Strategists: Calvin Darville & Ashley Young
Designers: Shawnell Brown & Artrice Campbell

Our Hours Open
The hours of operation
Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm,
Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm,
Sunday 12:00-6:00.
There will be extended special hours designated during holidays.
what we are about ?
The whole feel of this company is to supply quality clothing to consumers at an affordable price.
Strategic Plan
We at Rebellious minds strive for innovation to bring trendy yet appropriate clothing for our teenage and young adult customers.
With every customer purchase we want our rich heritage to be showcased and valued throughout the years.
In our stores we have different sections of our products.
One section is the creative arts section where people who are creative can arrange different pieces of clothing to their liking.
. Another section that we have is the everyday look section; we have the typical American style clothing but you might want to wear the typical American plain shirt with leggings one day.
We have found in our research that college students are not bringing in a lot of money and won’t shop at places whose prices are extremely high so we have made our prices afforable for college students.
At Rebellious we are trying to satisfy everyone’s needs even the smallest ones.
We want to be the store that anyone can shop at.
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