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Smartboads and ESL

The presentation reflects the importance of the use of Smartboard on language learners (ESL)

Hussain Luaibi

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Smartboads and ESL

Smartboards and ESL learners
Every year thousands and thousands of immigrants and refugees come to North America ( the USA and Canada) to find a new life.
The language requirement has formed a burden on the governments. Learning English is not easy for the new comers especially if most of the curricular activities are old.
To be a member of the society one needs to know the language of communication
The learning process should be quick and effective
But how?
We need a learning booster
As a matter of fact all learners are visual in the way they understand things. It becomes greater when we talk about language learning. The visuals are indispensable for an ESL student who has to learn not only the language but the culture of the country he is in. The Smartboard facilitates this process. Actually it is taking the lead when learning becomes visual.
The Visual learning leads to an important aspect in the world of learning:
The Interaction
In addition to the other educational venues the Smartboard is approaching, the ESL field is considered to be potentially a great flourishing market for such technology.
Visual + Interaction = Active Learning
Learning Interaction
Smartboards' ability in enabling the educator to exploit the interactive facilities is a great chance for boosting the learning process.
Success at ESL
Educational Technology tools can have a great impact on learning. Among these tools is the smartboard that was introduced not long time ago.
The smartboard brought with it a revolution of learning.
Smartboard Technology (including the video on Cesar Chavez Elementary School). Retrieved from www.smarttech.com
Immigration Intake Info. Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_to_Canada
Proportionally , if Canada needs around 200,000 immigrants every year, the USA will need much more than this number to keep the economy going on. To teach such a huge population, of immigrant and refugees, a lot of investment has to be done in order to improve the educational sector in terms of efficient educational tools and instructors.
A general point of view (click to watch! )
The effect of the smartboards is not limited to the age or level of the language learners.
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