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Official Peer Pressure Quiz

No description

Ami Suzuki

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Official Peer Pressure Quiz

LUCK! #1 WHAT IS PEER PRESSURE? A) Feelings of happy emotions.
B) When you feel frustrated about your
C) To follow the actions of others.
D) A type of animal. OH NO! A
QUIZ! Answer to questions: 1. C) To follow the actions of others.
2. You need to walk away and ignore them, or
tell an adult (or anything else that is on our website that can answer this).
3. False
4. C) Both 'B' and 'D'.
5. Stick with with a friend that you can trust (or anything else)! #2 What are some good ways to prevent peer pressure? Explain. :) Peer Pressure is always a bad thing.
True or False? #3 Question #4 Why do people get involved,
and give in to peer pressure? A) People get so mad they
can't help it. B) To be like the people they
really admire. C) Both 'B' and 'D'. D) So they wont get bullied by other
people. Question #5 What would you do if you get involved in a situation in which you have to deal with peer pressure? TELL US . . . HOPE YOU DID GOOD ON THE QUIZ! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS STICK WITH YOUR FRIENDS, AND BE SAFE!!! Answer: C For one thing, don't make friends with people you don't trust and who will probably want to force something on you. You should remember to just say "NO!" Say no and tell a
trusted adult (or
anything close
to that)! Answer: C
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