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Flint Beech Tornado

Flint Beech Tornado

Neville Longbottom

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Flint Beech Tornado

Flint, Michigan Tornado
June 8, 1953 Basics of Tornadoes They are large spinning storms that touches ground
Usually 1/4 mile wide
Spinning speed ranges 65-200+ mph
Warm front + Cold front=tornado (makes rotating movement)
supercell: intense storm able to make many tornadoes
funnel cloud: a spinning cloud
fujita scale rates tornado F0 lowest F5 highest Flint Beech Tornado Cause Strong Wisconsin cold front and strong Ohio warm front
Fronts clashed in Michigan tornado was born
Caught everyone by suprise
Made a F5 tornado wind speed of 267 mph Damage 116 killed about 900 injured
Ages ranged from 5 months-80 years old
High wind speeds launched cars trapping, killing, and destroying
Total people=960
Destroyed 340 homes and did major damage to 107 homes
Minor damage 153
50 farms or businesses were demolished and 16 were damaged
Buildings total=666 Economics Rebuilding cost 19,000,000 dollars
The city first bought water food and first aid
Received help from state trooper and national guard
Red Cross helped with the building funds
Without the Red Cross Flint wouldn't have raised the money to rebuild Interesting Facts Flint Beech tornado was just one of eight tornadoes that hit that day
Michigan normally gets F0 or F1 tornadoes Video Conclusion Overall the Flint Beech tornado was incredibly strong. It killed many people and destroyed many items. The people were unaware of the tornado until it touched down in Flint. This tornado has been number 9 in the list of the top ten strongest tornadoes Thank You For Your Attention
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