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Civil Rights Movement

No description

Tara Storm

on 14 December 2018

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil

- I can compare the Civil Rights Leaders of the 1960s

Table of Contents
Page: Civil Rights Background
Page: Civil Rights Events

Describe a time where you or a friend of yours was racially profiled. How did it feel?
Civil Rights Movement
- Many Black Americans fed up with racist conditions in US
- Different leaders came up with different solutions
- MLK: Southern Christian Leadership Conference
(SCLC) & Nonviolent Resistance
- Malcolm X: Nation of Islam & By Any Means Necessary
- Huey Newton: Black Panthers & Revolutionary Humanism
Martin Luther King Jr.
Letter from Birmingham Jail
Malcolm X
By Any Means Necessary
What do you know about MLK?
What are you taught about Malcolm X?
Huey Newton
Have you heard of Huey Newton or the Black Panthers? What have you heard about them?
Why do you think we aren't taught as much about Newton or X?
Events of the Civil Rights Movement
Greensboro Sit-Ins
Little Rock 9
Bus Boycott/ Freedom Rides
Black Panthers
Black Power Movement
Civil Rights Acts
Mississippi Burning
Nation of Islam
Racism in America
- Jim Crow laws (legal segregation/discrimination) in the South
- Hidden racism in the North
- Hard to get loans, jobs, and housing
- Violence and terrorism used to oppress Black Americans
- KKK, lynchings, threats
Debate Reading
- Choose a reading based on the person you think had the best solutions

- Do the reading

- 1 note: Background info
- 1 note: What they believed
- 1 note: Positive about them
- 1 note: Negative about them
- 1 note: Achievement they had
Debate from the perspective of the leaders

Winning team gets extra credit

- Respectful
- Stay in perspective of leader
- Good point +1
- Good rebuttal +1
- Incorrect info -1
- Disrespect -1
Q1: What were the problems facing Black Americans?

Q2: How do we solve these problems?

Q3: Why don't the other guys have the best solution?
Writing Prompt
Does racism still exist in America? If so, what institutions practice or create racism? Be sure to explain why you think that.
racial profiling:
The use of race or ethnicity as grounds for creating stereotypes or generalizations about someone.
Plessy v. Ferguson
- Plessy bought a first class train ticket and was told he could not sit there
- Argued that this violated his 14th amendment (equal protection under the law) rights
- Supreme Court ruled that his rights were not violated
- "Seperate but equal"
Brown v. Board of Education
- Topeka, KS had segregated schools under Plessy v. Ferguson
- Schools "equal" based on a number of factors
- Supreme Court ruled that despite some factors being equal, segregation leads to inequality
- "Seperate is inherently unequal"
Are schools still segregated?
How could this map show school segregation?
Digital Poster:
-Google Slides
-ONE slide only

-Description (who, what, when, where, why)
-White/Southern reaction
SES= Socioeconomic Status

For example,
-LOW SES = falling below poverty line

-HIGH SES= Very wealthy
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