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Job Search Strategies, Professionalism, and YOU

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Sarah Carbone

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of Job Search Strategies, Professionalism, and YOU

Job Search Strategies, Professionalism...
...and YOU!
Top 5 Job Search Strategies
Campus Job Board
Relating Skills to Interview Questions
Mini Mock Interview
TOP SECRET Tips for Successful Applications
1. Always submit a cover letter
2. Email hiring manager or department after submission
3. Keep your schedule up to date
Utilize DePaul job sites
Network in a variety of ways!
In 60 seconds, write down all your skills...
CONGRATULATIONS! You got the job!
Office Professionalism
Casual vs. Business Casual Attire
Don't gossip about your co-workers or supervisor
Leave on a Good Note
Office policies on social media and cell phone use
What are some reasons why you would leave a job?
Plan on giving a 2 weeks notice
Should be a face to face conversation with your manager
Submit a resignation letter after speaking with your manager
Maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the process
Types of Networking
On-Campus Activities
Social Media
Job Fairs & Networking Events
Work Connections
ASK Program
ASK mentors can help you...
Research career options for your major
Prepare for interviews
Revise your resume
Build your professional network
Mock interview questions for EDGE Team Coordinator
Why are you interested in working at the Ray Meyer?
Why is it important for students to use the Ray?
Entrance attendants enforce the Ray's policies. Do you have previous experience enforcing rules?
Tell me about a time you've had to handle multiple tasks at once?
Tell me about a time you've provided excellent customer service?
Choosing your best Next Step!
What are your goals for next year?
Mock Interview Questions for Entrance Attendant
Have you held any leadership roles in the past? Describe them.
What DePaul resources are most useful for freshmen students, and why?
Tell me about an experience where you've been mentor? Describe your ideal mentor.
Why are you interested in this job?
Describe your time where you utilized time management skills.
Be familiar with the office software and programs
How can your EDGE experiences help you reach those goals?
How can the Career Center help you moving forward?
Common Interview Questions:
How does your previous experience relate to the requirements of this position?
What skills do you possess that will help you succeed in this role?
Explain a time when you overcame a challenge. What was the outcome?
How do you think this position will align with your career goals?
Why are you interested in working with our company?
Work prioritization and effective time management
Keep constant communication with supervisor
Other internet job sites
Participant in ASK
Know your skills and practice before the interview

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