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South Carolina by Viktoriya and Caroline

No description

Caroline Fockler

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of South Carolina by Viktoriya and Caroline

South Carolina: The Palmetto State
Columbia: The State Capital
South Carolina's State Flag
State Bird: Carolina Wren
Myrtle Beach!
Fort Sumter
Location & Geography
•South Carolina’s border states are North Carolina and Georgia
•South Carolina’s location is in the south-east; next to the Atlantic ocean
Welcome to South Carolina!
• Palmetto Tree
• Oak Tree
• Hickory Tree
• Tulip Tree
• Yellow Jessamine
• Shrubs & Wild Flowers
• White –tailed Deer
• Beavers
• Squirrels
• Praying Mantis
• Carolina Wren
• Subtropical Climate
• Humid summers
• Mild Winters
• Piedmont Plateau
• Blue Ridge Mountains (part of the Appalachians)
• Sassafras Mountain (highest point)
• Pee Dee River
• Santee River
• Waccamaw River
• Savanna River
• South Carolina joined the twelve other colonies in the Revolutionary War
• South Carolina played an important role in slavery
• World War 2 revived the state’s economy, particularly giving a boost to manufacturing
• On December 20,1860 South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union
• Native Americans have lived in South Carolina for more than 10,000 years.
The Capital Building
Natural Resources
• Vast Forests
• Rich Soils
• Minerals: clay, granite, limestone and vermiculite.
• Good water supply
• Lumber
• Cloth (Apparel)
• Paper
• Rubber
• Electrons
• Chemicals
• Cotton
• Tobacco
• Soybeans
• Oats
• Peaches
Important Places/Landmarks
Important places
1. Fort Sumter (national monument)
2. Fort Moultrie (played roles in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars)
1. Myrtle Beach
2. Hilton Head Island
The Map of S.C.
Interesting facts
• South Carolina has over 35 school districts.
• South Carolina does not have any natural lakes, but many were formed in the late 1930s.
• Camping and Hiking are year-round activities.
• Boating, sailing and swimming are popular in coastal areas.
• Waterskiing, parasailing, canoeing and kayaking are other water activities.
• Golf is the main sport.
• College sports especially football and basketball
• The Capital Building
• The Big Apple
• Boats
• Cars
• Planes & Trains
• Semis
Hope You Enjoyed
Our Presentation!!
Yellow Jessamine
Myrtle Beach
Hilton Head Island
Capital City
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