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Kevin's Disease, Morquio Syndrome

No description

Derek Abarca

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Kevin's Disease, Morquio Syndrome

heart failure
problems with respiratory system
vision problems
walking problems
spinal cord damage
paralysis of entire body (rare)
Morquio Syndrome-

Some of the following symptoms when a person has Morquio Syndrome are:
-abnormal heart and skeleton development
-large fingers
-widely spaced teeth
-flared ribs
-enlarged heart
-below average height for certain age.
Work Cited:







Morquio Syndrome Project!!!
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!

("...he says in that FIERCE bold way he has.") p.131
Message from~ Orange Juice Inc. Get it Right!
Kevin's Disease, Morquio Syndrome

By~ Derek Abarca & Maricela Pina 7A


Similarities & Differences from the book:
Similarities: -Same disease
-Short for age
-The people pass away at a young age.
-Short neck

Differences: -Freak's spine is ejected out and studies say the spine is compressed(sometimes).
-Realistic fiction(story) and this project is real facts.
-Story says Freak is really smart, but, studies show this syndrome sometimes gets in the way of learning.
-Freak uses crutches while many people don't use them.
When was this disease first discovered?

The condition was first discovered by Luis Morquio in 1919. He was a well known Uruguayan physician who discovered it in Montevideo. Luis discovered it in four siblings in a Swedish family. He reported his observations in France.
Exams and Tests needed for treatment of Morquio Syndrome:
urine test
hearing test
x-ray of bones
genetic testing
May reveal-
liver enlargement
cloudy cornea
loss of nerve function below neck
This occurs when parents pass the wrong genes to offspring.
1 out of 200,000 people can receive it.
Symptoms usually begin at the ages of 1-3.
A vertebrate of the spine becomes flat.
Inability to break down sugar molecules.
There is two types of Morquio syndrome-
Type A- People do not have a substance called galactosamine-6-sulfatase.
Type B- People do not produce enough of an enzyme called beta-galactosidase.
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