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Ashley Alteri

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Biomechanics

Ashley Alteri, Ben Mendelson,
Study of female athletes
PLYO or BAL training added to regimen
Measured impact force, SD of COP for single leg hop
Both methods increased VJ
(Myer et al, 2006) INTRO TO PLYOMETRICS Box Jumps
Split Jumps
Ski Jumps
Side Medicine Ball Toss
Clap Push-Ups
Overhead Throws
Depth Push-Ups Testing
Vertical Jump
Broad Jump
Functional RISKS METHODS CONCLUSION Plyometrics used for:
Sport specific training
Explosive power
Vertical jump training
Injury prevention
Increased quality of life Sand v. Grass
Improved jump & sprint ability on sand
Decrease DOMS on sand
Grass improved CMJ
Sand improved SJ
(Impellizzeri et al, 2007) Landing Injuries
Technique based
Genu Valgum/Varum
Falling Injuries
Stretch Reflex Activation Injury First popularized in 1970s by sport trainers
in former East Germany Based on stretch-shorten cycle of muscles Dynamic resistance exercises Often used to train professional and amateur adult athletes METHODS SURFACE FREQUENCY Bone Density Designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness Originally developed for Olympic athletes "JUMP TRAINING" Significant increase in bone mass Possibly due to lateral movement activities Best if done during growing ages Low and moderate observed higher increases in 20m sprint, jumping contact time, & maximal strength
Higher training volume was not found more effective
Could be product of
Over training
High impact stress
Decrease rest time
(Villarreal et al, 2008) Injury Prevention & Rehab
Strengthen sport specific exercises
Rehab injured joints REFERENCES Sports
High & Long jump
Any sport with explosive movement Land v. Aquatic
APT, LPT, and control groups
Ankle jumps, speed marching, SJ, skips
LPT improved dynamic balance
APT improved improved strength and sprint
(Arazi & Asadi, 2011) (Witzke & Snow, 2000) Witzke, K. A., & Snow, C. M. (2000). Effects of plyometric jump training on bone mass in adolescent girls. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 32(6), 1051-1057. Villarreal, E. S., Gonzalez-Badillo, J. J., & Izquierdo, I. (2008). Low and moderate plyometrics training frequency produces greater jumping and sprinting gains compared with higher frequency. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 22(3), 715-725. Myer, Gregory D, Kevin R Ford, Jensen L Brent, and Timothy E Hewett. 2006. "The effects of plyometric vs. dynamic stabilization and balance training on power, balance, and landing force in female athletes." Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research / National Strength & Conditioning Association 20, no. 2: 345-353. MEDLINE, EBSCOhost (accessed March 29, 2013). Impellizzeri, F., Rampinini, E., Castagna, C., Martino, F., Fiorini, S., & Wisloff, U. (2008). Effect of plyometric training on sand versus grass on muscle soreness and jumping and sprinting ability in soccer players. British Journal Of Sports Medicine, 42(1), 42-46.
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