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The Online Customer Journey

World Telecom Forum - Michael Havas

Michael Havas

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of The Online Customer Journey


23 million possible contacts
61,2% of the TAG population have access to the internet
The journey starts with the intention of the customer to buy some products...
Inspiring discovery
I know what I want. So now start to buy it online!
Seamless shopping
I got it! Now how to use it right?
Perfect Start Up
Troubles! How to solve them easily?
Respectful Resolution
Paying is annoying enough! I don't want to put much more effort in it!
Relaxed payment
It's time to change the contract. What can you offer?
Personal renewal
We are connected to 6% of them.
More than 700.000 users are connected to our brands!
11.4 million users of Facebook in TAG

It is a cross-channel experience!
a change in behavior
68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores, while 30% suspect censorship or faked reviews if their aren’t any negative comments or reviews
Yet only 28% of people think that companies are working hard to solve the big social and environmental challenges

(Source: Havas Media, November 2011).
76% of people who complained on Twitter received no response from the brand. But among those who were contacted, 83% liked or loved that the brand responded, and 85% were satisfied with the response

(Source: Maritz Research, September 2011).
The mean size of the Facebook network of the millenials is 318.5 contacts.
Smartphone users are adopting online as a shopping and service tool quickly and are eager to use it more
43% of consumers say that companies should use social media to solve customer problems.
22.5 hours average time spent on the internet at home per week.
By 2015 an estimated 52% of total online and offline sales will be influenced by internet content.
Inspiring discovery
Seamless shooping
Perfect Start Up
Respectful Resolution
Relaxed payment
Personal renewal
2 million searches on google
... per minute
There is a change in the source of information
Online is overtaking the pole position as preffered channel.
3.3 million Twitterer
(Source: emarketer.com)
(Source: Forrester research 2010)
(Source: Reevoo.com, January 2012)
(Nick Johnson, Social Media 2012)
Feedback, Ideas, Comments?


40% of the average population use their mobile device to compare prices find out product information, etc.

39% of the average population find an In-Store computer kiosk extremly valuable
Car dealers use iPads in the showroom floor to sell cars
iPad Apps for the latest 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS
Consumers own mobile devices are the most useful In-Store Technology
Smart integration of online and offline is key!
Consumer live the cross-journey experience!
(Source: Forrester Consulting on behalf of Demandware Q1 2011)
Mercedes Benz
iPad as pre- and post-paid insturment
Tesco App
Scan to buy and bulid shopping list for home delivery
89 % of Smartphone users use their Smartphone throughout the whole day.
57% wont recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website
59 % of smartphone users require Mobile Optimized Websites.
40 % have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.
The mobile demand
Personalized Online Chat support
2.500 opened threads / month
250.000 visits / month
Sustainable knowledge base
8 Superfans
86% crowd solution ratio
20% higher NPS
Support Community
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