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Guinea Pigs

A prezi about Guinea Pigs.

Jenna Anderson

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs
What are guinea pigs?
A guinea pig is a rodent about the size of half a loaf of bread. They have no tail and come in many different patterns of fur. Some come without fur. They are similar to a hamster, but larger in size. Guinea pigs are mostly kept as pets. They are native to South America in the Andes. Sadly, people also eat them in South America. Guinea pigs eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables.
How to care for a guinea pig

Guinea Pigs are Social Animals
Guinea pigs require lots of love and attention. They like to be in groups of three or more. Without any love and affection they will become depressed. They might not eat or have decreased amount of activity. You can not expect to get a pet guinea pig and not pay any attention to it. Signs of them being lonely is a kind of a screeching noise. To help ensure that a guinea pig is not lonely you can simply hold it, pet it, and play with it.
What guinea pigs sound like
Guinea pigs can make many noises. Some of the most common are wheeking and purring. A wheeking noise is usually made when the guinea pig is hungry or excited. The purring noise is usually made when the guinea pig feels threatened or uncomfortable.
These are the two most common breeds
Satin American
The satin american guinea pig has a coat that is smooth, and flat against the body
Guinea pig breeds
The abyssinian has
a coat with little
rosettes that stick
up in various
directions all over
the body.
To care for a guinea pig you will need a cage, a water bottle, food, bedding (aspen shavings), pet friendly shampoo, and something to wear down the pigs teeth.
You will need to change the cages bedding once a week. You must bathe the guinea pig once a week. Give the guinea pig something to chew on. If they do not have anything to chew on, their teeth will grow so long that they will have trouble eating and starve. Rodents teeth are constantly growing. You will need to supply it with new food and water every time it runs out.
Facts about guinea pigs
1. Guinea pigs produce a white, milky looking fluid in the corner of their eyes. It is used to help them groom and it is completely normal.
2. Guinea pigs can see color.
3. Guinea pigs feet are very sensitive so they can not walk on rough surfaces.
4. The guinea pigs proper name is Cavy
5. Guinea pigs are born with fur and open eyes.
6. If a guinea pig is jumping straight up and down then it means she/he is “popcorning”. It shows that she/he is very happy or excited over things.

7. Guinea pigs life span is five to eight years
8. Guinea pigs have four toes on the forefoot and three on the hind foot.
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